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10 Best Men's Winter Running Tights for 2019

By Joe N

11/4/17 4:05 PM

As the temperature creeps relentlessly downward, it means it’s time to get out your finest cold weather running gear for those frigid, dark runs. To pair with your jacket, your base layer, and perhaps even your reflective vest, you’ll need to find your best men’s cold weather running tights. These winter running tights for men are the old favorites you remember from last winter: the ones that you wore to suffer through those brutal, wispy winter days. Those leggings that helped you get through that training segment so you could emerge with a bit less of a bodily base layer for the spring.

Here, we’re introducing the latest, greatest, and best running tights for men. The following are the best winter running tights for men in the cold weather. We dissect and review the best men's running tights so you can get running more in the worst of winter days.


Best Mens Running Tights for 2018 (cool weather)

For temperatures 50-30 degrees


Asics Tights 

4) Men’s Asics Protection Lite-Show Winter Tights, $72

The Japanese sportswear giant has produced some of our favorite basics for awhile now (take out the b in basics and what do you get?). However the Protection Lite-Show is a deceptively complex pair of men’s tights. Appearing like a solid black pair from far away, when you inch closer the Asics Protection Lite-Show reveals a wonderful print that truly stands out. However, that’s not all the running men’s tights have: it has a flat waistband, two water resistant zipper pockets, and a zipper for easy on-off access.

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3) Men’s CW-X Generator Revolution Tights, $200

That price was no typo. The CW-X Generator Tights is one of the best compression running tights for men… and one of the most expensive. This bottom works great in the colder weather: the fabric in thin, but not too thin, and the fabric even provides some skin protection with a UPF rating of 40. But it’s really the compression that make the tights. The Generator Revolution Tights offer support for your core, gluteus medius, knee, and hamstring through top of the line targeted compression. Try this on and you’ll recover quicker than you ever have on your winter runs… that is if you can recover from the sticker shock.

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Nike Thermal Tights-1.jpg

2) Men’s Nike Therma Run Tight, $70

This simple, black pair of tights from Nike is also among the best Nike men’s running tights in the world. The pants have anatomical paneling that make the shorts extremely movable, from the slow run to the fast sprints. And for the colder conditions, a brushed interior keeps your legs toasty without feeling overheated. There’s a zipper pocket, reflective detail on the lower pants, and flatlock themes. In short: these tights do nothing unique, it just checks off all of the boxes in an effective way at an extraordinarily reasonable price.

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Thamal Tights.jpg 

1) Men’s Janji Odyssey Tights, $72

These cold weather running tights have it all: a unique waistband, brushed fabric, and an extremely comfortable waistband inspired by Bolivia. The pants also have other, less obvious detailing: at the bottom of the men’s running tights, a Bolivian, handwoven fabric ensures the zippers don’t chafe; there’s a water-resistant phone pocket in the back pocket; and there’s a side stash pocket to store your phone. But the best part? 5% of the sale of the Odyssey tights benefit clean water projects in Nepal.

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Best Mens Winter Running Tights for 2018 (chilly weather)

For temperatures 30-0 degrees



5) Men’s Salomon Equipe TR Tight, $110

From the mountains of the French Alps, Salomon has produced some of the best products for runners. Because it makes skiing, trail running, and general outdoor gear, it should come as no surprise that Salomon has made some of the finest mens running tights reviewed. The Equipre TR Tight have brushed liner for interior warmth, water and wind resistant paneling for exterior protection, and reflective detailing to make sure you’re well seen as the days shorten.

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4) Men’s Asics Softshell Tight, $90

Like the Lite-Show Tights, the Anatomic Softshell is a well-made pair of leggings from a company that excels at making simple, yet exceedingly function running gear. Unlike the Lite-Show, the Softshell Tight is built for the coldest of conditions. The tights are lightweight, yet have a laminated finish that makes it wind and water resistant. The pants have a brushed interior to keep you warm, reflective details to keep you visible, and a great cut to keep you comfortable. When you run in terrible winter conditions in the Softshell Tights, the most comfortable part of your body will be your legs!

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Mizuno Breath Thermo

3) Men’s Mizuno Breath Thermo Static Tights, $85

Mizuno’s unique Breath Termo technology keeps you warm by using your own sweat to heat up the gear. That may sound like a recipe for a below the belt bikram class, but because the pants couple a lightweight feel with extreme breathability, it just means that you can take these tights anywhere and ensure your legs will feel comfortable—and warm. Mizuno’s Static Breath Thermo Windbroof Tights aren’t our favorite looking pair of tights, but it is one of the most technically sound: it has two lateral stash pockets, three rear pockets, a brushed interior, and a windproof front panel. That means that you can take these pair of tights on any trip, and have plenty of storage for nutrition during those long, cold runs.

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Salomon WS

2) Men’s Salomon Trail Runner WS Tight, $125

These pair of tights aren’t the heaviest on the list. But wow is it great during those windy chilly days. The Trailer Runner WS is made with Gore’s Windstopper material, whose name lives up to its promise. If it’s blizzard gusts and snowing outside, these are the tights you’ll want on. The tights have a back zipper, reflective taping for more visibility during those blizzards, and very stretchy outer fabric. If the temperature drops below 15 degrees, this is the perfect pair of tights to wear over another pair: it’ll keep you warm and dry.

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Craft Thermal Tights 

1) Men’s Craft Brilliant 2.0 Thermal Tights, $99

Are you ready for when the temperature is 5 degrees and the windchill makes it negative 10? Ok, you probably never will be. But with the Men’s Craft Brilliant 2.0 Thermal Tights, you’ll give your legs the support they’ll need to make it through the run. The tights have everything you’d want in a winter running tights for men: it has a brushed fleeced interior to keep your legs toasty; a 92% polyester/8% elastane composition that wicks moisture away; wind and water-resistant front panels to block the snow and wind; and reflective visibility, as well as florescent paneling, for those hazy, dark days. Add in a back zippered pocket and a great fit, and there is no better pair of men's winter running tights on the market. 

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