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11 Best Stability Shoes for Runners for 2019 (updated)

By Jonathan G

3/4/18 9:27 AM

What’s the best stability running shoe? It’s the shoe your foot feels best in when you first try it on—and when you’re grinding out the last long run before your goal half marathon. Most runners pronate. Their feet hit the ground on the outside edge and then roll to the inside as they go airborne again. But runners whose feet roll more than most often find they feel most comfortable in shoes with stability features, like a softer heel or a sole with a firmer medial post. Neutral trainers with some stability features like the Brooks Ghost are popular with runners who need just a mild amount of support, while runners who need even more tend to do best with shoes in the stability shoe category. Based on a survey of 11,000 runners, we’ve determined the best stability shoes for women (and the men trying to keep up with them).

Updated: June 1, 2019


Asics Gel-Kayano 24.jpg

11. Asics Gel-Kayano 24, Men, Women, MSRP $160 (links to Amazon)

The Kayano has long been the flagship support trainer from Asics, and what the Kayano offers pronators above all else is decadently soft and luxuriously comfortable cushioning. Asics designs the soles of its women’s models specifically for the anatomy of women’s feet, earning the Kayano a spot among the best stability running shoes for women. For cushioning that will keep you on your feet on your next marathon training run, or all the way through your next marathon, the Kayano is a reliable partner.

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 Saucony Omni 16.jpg

10. Saucony Omni 16, Men, Women, MSRP $130 (links to Amazon)

Sometimes it takes more than just cushioning to keep your feet rolling through the miles. Rather than going all-in on the cushioning, the shoe engineers at Saucony looked for any possible way to provide stability—and included them all in the Omni, which has more stability features than almost any other shoes in existence. It’s especially soft in the forefoot, and runners notice how effectively the Omni absorbs the shock of running. If you need not just cushioning but every conceivable trick to stabilize your foot, or if you’re looking for the best running shoes for stability and motion control, try on a pair of Omnis.

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Men's Asics GT-2000 6 .jpg 

9. Asics GT-2000 7, Men, Women, MSRP $120 (links to Amazon)

While the Kayano lays down cushioning anywhere it possibly can, the midrange GT-2000 only puts it where you need it. This makes the shoe a little lighter and leaves your wallet a lot heavier (it’s in a 3-way tie for the least expensive daily trainer on this list). Runners have taken notice—the famously reliable GT-2000 is one of the post popular stability shoes on the market. And for the best stability shoes, women’s models benefit from Asics’s gender-specific sole designs.

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Men's UltraBoost ST.jpg

8. Adidas Ultra Boost ST, Men, Women, MSRP $190 (links to Amazon)

Adidas’s Boost rubber soles are famously bouncy. How bouncy? Think of Tigger after knocking back a six-pack of energy drinks while downing fistfuls of amphetamines. And it’s not just marketing. Runners who have grown jaded by decades of shoe-tech hype have been surprised by Boost. With ample amounts of Adidas’s magical sole technology, the Ultra Boost ST puts more pop in every footstrike than any other shoe on the planet. If you’re thinking that sounds as unstable as, well, Tigger on a caffeine binge, Adidas is a step ahead of you. They’ve also added the full range of stability features to the shoe design. The result is admittedly a bit expensive. But it’s also highly stable while being both softer in the heel and snappier off the ground than any other shoe you’ll find.

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 Women's Brooks Transcend 5.jpg

7. Brooks Transcend 5, Men, Women, MSRP $160 (links to Amazon)

The Transcend is a good example of what to look for in the best running shoes for pronators. Its sole and upper are designed for stability while being noticeably cushioned in the forefoot and heel. The Transcend also features a soft Achilles dip, in case the back of your heel gets irritated easily or you have blisters in that area.

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mizuno wave inspire 14.png 

6. Mizuno Wave Inspire 14, Men, Women, MSRP $130 (links to Amazon)

If the motto of Adidas’s Boost soles might be, “Better living through chemistry,” Mizuno definitely owes its sole design to engineering. The Cloudwave thermal plastic plate in the sole means you can run in a stability trainer and still enjoy smooth transitions and the feel of a lightweight performance shoe. Runners who need stability features and cushion in the forefoot and heel will find that the Wave Inspire belongs among the best men’s stability running shoes.

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Hoka One One Arahi 2.jpg

5. Hoka One One Arahi 2, Men, Women, MSRP $130 (links to Amazon)

If you’re looking for the best stability running shoes, 2018 is a great year. That’s because Hoka One One, founded only in 2009, has now had time for its shoe designs to ripen to maturity. Its low drop, high stack soles give runners lots of cushion in the forefoot and heel, but that doesn’t make the supportive Arahi clunky. At just 9.3 ounces in a men’s size 9, they’re the second-lightest shoes on this list.

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Brooks PureCadence 7.jpg

4. Brooks PureCadence 7, Men's, Women's, MSRP $110

The best stability running shoes come in all shapes and sizes. Including lightweight, low-drop, uptempo shoes with a natural feel, like the PureCadence. The shoes you put on for that last key workout before the road race you’ve been building up to. Or the shoes you put on for the road race itself.

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New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v2.jpg

3. New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v2, Men's, Women's, MSRP $125 (links to Amazon)

Like many of the top stability running shoes, the Vongo from New Balance combines a softly cushioned forefoot with essential stability features. What sets the Vongo apart is that it’s a daily drainer, but with the same low heel-toe drop (just 4 mm) as the PureCadence. The result is a smooth and cushioned ride for your daily runs. 

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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18.jpg

2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18, Men's, Women's, MSRP $120 (links to Amazon)

With three models on this list, Brooks outstrips its competitors. And the best Brooks stability running shoes are the Adrenaline GTS 18. Like other shoes, it provides ample cushioning in the forefoot and heel, plus it’s exceptionally stable. (And it’s also part of the three-way tie for least expensive daily trainer.) The Adrenaline also does well with runners who are looking for some extra arch support.

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Nike Structure 21-1.jpg

1. Nike Zoom Structure 21, Men's, Women's, MSRP $120 (links to Amazon)

The best stability running shoe might be the Nike Zoom Structure. Just do it? The Structure just does a lot of things right. Along with the Adrenaline, it’s second only to the Omni in how much stability has been engineered into the shoe. And it’s tied with the Adrenaline and the GT-2000 as the least expensive daily trainer. It’s even the third-lightest shoe on the list. If you need moderate support, a lightweight feel, and smooth transitions from heel to toe, the Nike Zoom Structure might be your shoe.

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