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7 Best Reflective Running Vests

By Mary Grant

6/15/17 7:58 PM

Running at the very beginning or very end of the day can be a meditative experience. But while the early morning run or late night jog can seem great, the lack of light puts you in a position of vulnerability. That’s why it’s so important to find the right reflectivity when the sun is down. We at Janji make gear for your Nomadic Run, and we realize it’s sometimes important to just throw on your best reflective running vests when it’s dark outside.

That’s why we at Janji came up with a list of the best runners reflective vests on the market so you can get enjoy your run—without worrying about your safety.

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7. GlowGuard Reflective Running Vest, $12.95

The aptly named GlowGuard is the runner reflective vest with all of the basics. It has a total of 9 reflective hits between the front, back, and side so you’ll certainly be seen. The vest is made with 3M’s Scotchlite reflectivity, is made of a very breathable (and surprisingly comfortable) mesh material, and has an interior zipper that can fit an iPhone. Our lone problem with the piece? There’s nothing that special about this runner reflective vest, and the vest comes in a limiting one size fits most model.



Kingson Reflective Vest.jpg

6. Kingson Sports Reflective Running Vest, $9.99

This one size fits all vest is cheap, easy, and extremely useful. While there’s not much material for the vest, Kingson’s lightweight design makes it perfect for a late night summer run. The vest has a travel pouch built into the side, making it perfect to store a key or a credit card. It’s simple, inexpensive, and very easy to use. If you need extra visibility, the vest also comes with four safety bands you can snap on your write or ankles.


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 5. EvoLike High Visibility Vest, $24.99

The EvoLike vest is practical, comfortable, and—even though it’s the priciest vest on the list—is still a fantastic value. Six strips of reflectivity adorn the vest’s front: two at the top, one in the middle, one on the bottom, and two on the sides, collectively providing all the visibility you need. The back has seven strips, with the middle piece converting for two. The High Vis Vest is made of solid, rather than perforated, polyester, giving it a wind stopping feel for colder fall or frigid winter runs. The running safety vest comes in several sizes, several colors, and when you order on Amazon you’ll also receive a reflective bag, two wrist reflectivity strips, and two reflective bands with your vest. Not too bad.


flectson reflective vest.jpg

4. Flectson Reflective Vest, $10.99

The Flectson Reflective Vest shares many of the same characteristics as the Kingson Sports Vest: they’re both perforated, lightweight, and inexpensive. But the Flectson Vest has two key improvements on the Kingson version. It comes in multiple sizes and has a bigger, better pocket. Those two feature can be life savers as you head out for a longer night run in this wonderfully comfortable—and critically reflective—running vest. 


vizi bib illuminite.jpg

3. IlumiNite Vizi Bib, $15.99

From jackets to hats, IlumiNite is a company built completely around reflective apparel design. While the IlumiNite Vizi Bib lacks the pocket or size offerings of other vests on this list, it feels like a more substantial, meaningful piece because of its heavier construction. Coupled with a unique design rather than the drab traditional yellow, and you have a winner. The IlumiNite Vizi Bib is probably the most comfortable vest on the list, and is by far the best vest for colder, breezier days. Try this one on top of your jacket for a frigid winter run. You won’t regret trying one of the best reflective vests for running. 


nathan streak reflective vest.jpeg

 2. Nathan Streak Reflective Vest, $19.99

This Nathan reflective running vest is super simple and supremely functional. Made by one of the largest companies in the running accessories space (they make everything from back packs to water bottles), the Nathan Streak Reflective Vest may be one of the best products Nathan offers. The vest is extremely soft and lightweight, has perhaps the most powerful reflective strips on the market (it’s visible from over 1200 feet away), and comes in two sizes (small/medium and large/extra) that are also easily adjustable. While Nathan makes a few reflective vests, we can comfortably say this is their finest offerings on the market and one of the finest safety running vest.



fremove reflective vest.jpg


1. Freemove Reflective Vest, $14.99

There’s a reason the Freemove Reflective Vest is the top selling—and best reviewed—running vest online. It’s comfortable, easy to use, and is a great value buy. The vest has several hits of reflectivity on the front (two on the top, one in middle, one on the bottom) as well as three hits on the back. It comes in six different sizes (XS to XXL), the most of any running vest reflective on the list. No matter your body type, there’s a size for you. It has a zippered pocket, a mesh construction, and adjustable Velcro to make it feel snug. And not to be forgotten, included in every piece are two reflective armbands and a mesh bag for storage. From fit to function to fair value, the Freemove vest is an amazing buy.


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