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7 Best Sunglasses for Runners for 2018

By Mary Grant

1/21/18 4:27 PM

In my last marathon, the sun rose right on cue—and right into my eyes. In the point to point race, the bright sun made me squint, turn away, and look at the ground; I know I gained some wrinkles (and lost some time) because I didn’t have the right sunglasses for running. At Janji, we love running and we love gear. That’s why, after the race, I tested dozens of the best sunglasses to run in: I wanted to find the top running sunglasses, and thus see clearly during my next race. Below are the best sunglasses for running in 2018 so you can see clearly and, even if your body is falling apart, look great during your next race!


Best Design


2. Sunski Original Sunglasses, $51

At our Janji pop-up store, we carried the mid-priced and stylish Sunskis—and we absolutely fell in love with them. They look great on, come in multiple different styles, and fit fantastic on the head while running. They’re not specifically running sunglasses, but they certainly are among the best glasses for running—especially if you want to look darn good while doing it. And at $50-ish dollar, they’re priced at a sweet spot.

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1. Native Eyewear Penrose Sunglasses, $129

Originally, I was turned onto this brand by the Runner’s World staff: they highlighted the polarized sunglasses for running, the grippy frames, and the cushioned nose pad which all made the run seamless. They come in several awesome colors, and when you place them on your head you not only feel faster, you feel more stylish. In many ways, these are the Warby Parker’s of lightweight running sunglasses: you’ll look great, feel fast, and not pay an arm and a leg for it.

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Best Running Basics



3. Tifsoi Tyrant 2.0, $63

Tifosi has been sold in running specialty stores for a long time now, and up until recently they’ve been the most popular brand sold in most stores. And that’s for a reason. Tifosi makes a variety of the best glasses that make you look and feel fast: they’re sleek, supremely lightweight, and deceptively durable. They’re popular, and certainly among the best sunglasses for running and cycling.Do we think it's the ugliest sunglasses on the list? Maybe. But if you want something inexpensive, lightweight, and sleek, look no further than the Tifosi Tyrant 2.0. 

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 UA Rival.jpg

2. Under Armour Rival Shield Sunglasses, $140

The price might seem laughably high compared to the glasses listed below, but the Under Armour Rival Shield Sunglasses are a high quality pair of glasses that are extremely durable and fit firmly on your face. Whether you’re running your 50th marathon or running your first 5k, these glasses will make your eyes feel so much more relaxed: the lenses are polarized, they shield the sun well, and the coating is 100% UV protected.

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1. Goodr Running Sunglasses, $25

Want darn good running sunglasses at a darn good price? Look no further than Goodr. The new brand out of Southern California might not be the most durable glasses or the sleekest. But by gosh darn it, they sure are the best value. Branded in a fun, eccentric way, these glasses truly stick on your head, aren’t over engineered, and look, simply put, fun. Priced at only $25, you can buy ten of these best sunglasses for runners for same price as some of the sunglasses for running listed below. So if you lost your glasses a lot, pick up a pair of Goodr glasses.

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Best Designed Sunglasses


2. Julbo Aerolite Sunglasses, $190

Julbo makes some of the finest outdoor glasses. But that’s not what makes the Aerolite Sunglasses unique: the Aerolite glasses are women’s specific— or designed for men with narrow faces. And because of that, we think it’s the best running sunglasses women’s division. The Aerolite has a great female fit, plenty of ventilation, and a rimless exterior for less weight and more visibility. It also has a flash coating, so you can wear them even when the light is exceptionally bright. These are perfect for the trail run or the every day run.

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1. District Vision Nagata, $250

Ready to hit the runway after the marathon? Then put on your District Vision Nagata. These glasses, which were handcut and polished in Japan, look pretty fly. Plus, they fit extremely well, weigh only 22 grams, and have an adjustable fit. They also, thankfully, keep the sunshine out and, compared to every other pair on this list, rarely fog up. Certainly beats the look of the best Oakley sunglasses for running. If you’re willing to spend the money, you’ll absolutely fall in love with this pair of glasses.

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