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8 Best Men's Running Long Sleeve Shirts

By Omri Cohen

10/11/17 8:30 PM

When fall arrives, it’s time to put away the singlets and the short sleeves, dig at the bottom of the closet, and find your best long sleeve running shirt. You remember that one, right? The first of the long sleeve tops to come out of the drier, the best men’s running base layer you wore when the weather got chilly and going shirt (or shirtless) was no longer an option. Just as the leaves always turn, new running gear has come up for the fall, which means we at Janji got a chance to look at the best long sleeve running top--and to find you your next favorite running top.

 Like other past product posts, we at Janji scoured the world for the finest running long sleeve tops. Below are the best cold weather running long sleeves, best designed running long sleeves, and the best basic running long sleeves for men.


Best Designed Running Long Sleeves

Under Armour Long Sleeve

3. Men’s Under Armour Threadborne Seamless Long Sleeve, $50

Today, the Baltimore-based Under Armour is one of the largest apparel producers in the world. But the seeds of the apparel giant came in the form of sweat wicking long sleeve. Under Armour has stayed true to its heritage by making some of the best long sleeves on the market. The Threadborne Seamless Long Sleeve is the best Under Armour long sleeve running shirt. Made of a poly-nylon blend, the shirt comes in a plethora of faded colors, and comes with mesh ventilation for easy wicking—after all you’ll often start the run cold, but you’ll need that sweat wicking fabric when the pace picks up. A great choice for both design and value.


Janji Long Sleeve

 2. Men’s Taha Tech Long Sleeve, $58

The Men’s Taha Tech Long Sleeve is the result of years of fabric testing, wear testing, and travel testing. Meant to be able to pack easily and wear often, the Taha Tech is the perfect long sleeve for when you’re traveling lightly but running often. Made with Janji’s Travel Tech fabric, the Taha Tech Long Sleeve wicks moisture quickly and looks great casually. But the best part of the Taha Long Sleeve is what it does outside of performance: whenever someone buys this Nepal-inspired piece, 10% of the sale funds clean water projects in Nepal.


Men's Nike Knit Long Sleeve

1. Men’s Dri-Fit Knit Long Sleeve, $90

Expensive? Absolutely. But the Men’s Dri-Fit Knit Long Sleeve looks great on and performs exceptionally well when running. The material for the shirt is silly soft, the shirt is made without any obtrusive seams, and the shirt contains mesh in all of the body’s natural sweat zones, leading to incredible breathability. The best of the Nike running long sleeve shirts on the list, the Dri-Fit Knit comes in multiple color options and different styles of mesh contouring. And with this style being a season old, you might be able to find these Nike long sleeve running shirts for a lot cheaper than $90.


Best Basic Running Long Sleeves


Mizuno Long Sleeve

3. Men’s Mizuno Alpha Long Sleeve, $40

This simple yet elegant shirt from Mizuno is a great mens long sleeve running shirt. Made up of two different materials—one for the t-body of the shirt, and one mesh for the arms and side—the shirt breathes exceedingly easily. Made of 100% polyester with flatlock seams, the shirt wicks moisture quickly away and has soft and comfortable touch. The piece can be worn by itself or as a base layer. In fact, we think it’s one of the best running base layer’s for men.


Men's Nike Dry-Miler

2. Men’s Nike Dry Miler Long Sleeve, $40

Another mens Nike long sleeve running top on the list, the Dry Miler is simple, fashionable, and functional. The shirt has plenty of range of motion, has flat seams, and has thumbholes to keep your hands dry. It even has hits of reflectivity on the back to keep you lit up as the nights get longer and the days get shorter. This is the long sleeve running shirt for the man who doesn’t want complexity in what he wear, just a shirt that works well and looks good.


Patagonia Long Sleeve

1. Men’s Patagonia Capilene Lightweight, $49

Like the Dry Miler, the Patagonia Capilene Lightweight Crew long sleeve is a simple, monochromatic shirt. But there’s a lot more to it than that. This shirt is made of a buttery soft fabric, and includes anti-microbial treatment in the shirt that prevents odor from building it up. The long sleeve is also made in a fair trade certified factory, is UPF 35, and has stitched details on the bottom. The only concern? This is a long sleeve running top best suited for the fall, not the winter.


Best Cold Weather Running Long Sleeves

 Adidas Long Sleeve Hoody

2. Men’s Adidas Running Climaheat Long Sleeve, $120

The Men’s Adidas Running Climaheat Long Sleeve can be classified as one of the best winter running long sleeves or one of the best winter running hoodies. We’re placing it in the former camp due to the piece’s fit, design, and incredible wearability. Adidas’ climaheat fabric keeps you warm in colder conditions, has a useful hood that doesn't slip off, and has thumbholes for plenty of protection as the temperature drops. But best of all is its style: this is a running long sleeve top you can wear running, hiking, or just to the bar from October through February.


Gore Running Long Sleeve

1. Men’s Gore Fusion Long Sleeve, $110

Gore’s Men's Fusion Long Sleeve ain’t cheap: $110 for a long sleeve might seem sky high. But this is the best cold weather mens long sleeve running top on the market. The shifted seams within the shirt are designed to avoid chafing; thumbholes keep your hand warm; an 85% polyamide/15% elastane fabric keeps the shirt stretchy as well as odor-resistant; and the wind and water resistance on the exterior keep you dry and warm as the weather worsens. This shirt isn’t very thick, but long sleeves aren’t great on their own in the cold weather. What makes this Gore Fushion Long Sleeve so good is that it’s the perfect piece to layer—both as a base layer and as the top layer.


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