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8 Best Men's Running Singlets for 2018

By Joe N

4/29/18 7:28 PM

The temperature is hot. You don’t want to go shirtless (you’re too old… or too young for that). And certainly a tee shirt won’t do. So where do you turn? to the singlet! Long a favorite from racing to workouts, the best mens running singlets all share something in common: they keep you cool, they wick moisture away, and they make you feel fast. Here at Janji, we love the best gear. Whether it's gloves, tights, or hats, we love to find who makes the best gear, so we can learn from them and make great gear ourselves. And so, after some testing, we’ve come up with a list of the best mens singlets for 2018.


Best Basics


Saucony Endorphin

4. Saucony Endorphin Singlet, $38 (links to Amazon)

Saucony makes some of the best running shoes on the market. And while they design less running gear than they used to, they still produce some of the finest running pieces, especially ones that make you feel fast. The Endorphin Singlet, ranked high on our tank list for women, is a wonderful basic: made of 100% polyester, it has a slim cut, a racerback shape, and despite its lined aesthetic, will cause little (if any!) chafing, even during a run in a summer thunderstorm.




3. New Balance Tempo Singlet, $20 (links to Amazon)

One of the best New Balance singlets for men is also the cheapest singlet on the list. You’ll get nothing more basic than this: a monochromatic design, a simple silhouette, and few (if any) details worth mentioning. But the Tempo Singlet gets the job done: its 100% polyester construction is lightweight enough and the fabric wicks moisture away relatively easily. Just don’t expect anything fancy from this most basic of singlets.



2. Adidas Supernova Singlet, $38 (links to Amazon)

This Adidas running singlet for men has many of the same features as the New Balance Tempo Singlet; that is, besides the basics, it does everything ok. But if New Balance covers the basics, the Supernova Singlet thrives by doing the little things with pointed precision: it’s made with an incredibly lightweight fabric, has a nearly seamless build, and has a subtle yet fun pattern. A great recommendation for any hotter race.


under armour-1

1. Under Armour CoolSwatch Singlet, $45 (links to Amazon)

A basic singlet with a less than basic fabric. The Under Armour CoolSwatch Singlet uses a coating on the interior of your skin that helps you feel like the top is a mint Listerine strip on your body. The piece wicks moisture quickly, is anti-odor, and has a reflective logo for visibility. So why isn’t this on our performance list? Because the fit and the feel is still more akin to a basic singlet, even if it has a fancier fabric. We like it, we just wouldn’t race in it.


Best Performance Pieces


new balance singlet 

4. New Balance Printed NB Ice 2E Singlet, $45

Not only does the Printed Ice 2E singlet from New Balance look cool, it performs brilliantly. Like Under Armour’s CoolSwatch Singlet, the NB Ice Singlet cools you as you run: the technology of the fabric leads to sweat-activated cooling. The fabric itself is incredibly fast drying and the fit is meant to make you feel fast: it’s slim, it’s comfortable, and it even has a back mesh for cooling. It also has 360 reflectivity and a pretty dope design.


tracksmith singlet 

3. Tracksmith Van Cortlandt Singlet, $65

While it’s definitely not cheap, the Van Cortlandt singlet from Tracksmith is certainly one of the startup’s finer pieces. Made of an 82% polyester, 18% spandex construction, the piece is also stink resistance. The feel is slim fitting and the singlet has a sash across the center of the chest, which is the centerpiece of Tracksmith design aesthetic. If you want to look fast and race fast, this could be a good option.



2. Janji Fast Twitch Strata Singlet in Toro Gold, $48

Yes, we realize this is a piece of shameless self-promotion. But we couldn’t be prouder of the Fast Twitch Strata Singlet, which is one of Runner’s World’s best pieces for the summer. Made of the Janji’s trademark Travel Tech material, the Toro Singlet is anti-stink, fast drying, and has a mesh back for optimal breathability. The logo pattern is inspired by Uganda and proceeds fund a clean water project in Uganda. How can you say no to that mens running singlet?



1) Nike Aeroswift Tank, $90

Want the most advanced performance singlet? Nike, if you’re willing to shell out $90, can sell it to you. The Nike Aeroswift Tank is the best Nike mens running singlet on the market, and it’s because of the technology: Nike Aeroswift is an incredibly light yarn that’s among the fastest drying materials on the planet. Made of an all-over mesh construction, the piece is crazy breathable. It has overlocked seams, front and rear reflectivity, and a flattering racerback design. If you want performance, this Nike singlet will give it to you.



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