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8 Best Women's Running Tights for 2016-2017

By Tanya Moronge

11/23/15 12:38 PM

 Long gone are the days of running outside in short shorts while soaking up the sun. As winter rapidly approaches, many of us are plagued with the common dilemma of how to still run and exercise without freezing especially during brutal Boston winters. Janji has compiled a list of our favorite running tights ensured to keep you warm during your cold season runs.

 Best Basic Women’s Tights


North Face GTD Tights, $70. North Face is synonymous with cold weather gear, so it only makes sense that they expand into winter running wear. With their women’s GTD tights featuring their innovative Thermo3D™ construction for gender-specific temperature regulation and breathable mesh, these tights are optimized to perform in sub-zero temperatures.


Best Bargain Tights


Women’s Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Legging, $54.99

Don’t let the fabric name deceive you: these tights are not meant for the coldest weather. That being said, ColdGear® Infrared uses a light and flexible ceramic material that absorbs body heat to keep you noticeably warmer for longer, more than any normal leggings. It’s the perfect combo of style and bargain


Best Bargain Tights (part 2)



Adidas Techfit Climawarm Nordic Print Tights, $55

These tights are made with climawarm insulation and techfit muscle support which is intended to keep you warm during your run while still providing support for your muscles to make your run pain free and worthwhile. For the price, it’s a great choice


Best Tights from a New Brand


Vimma Prism Leggings, $101

From the new brand Vimmia, these are the perfect combination for those who like bold prints, high performance and comfort. They’re great for runs and have fun, loud style. And with such a small company, you’re guaranteed not have anyone else wear these around town.  


Best Tights with Unique Fabric


Nike Legendary Dri-Fit Wool Tights, $110

These tights feature the softest fabric of any Nike training pants (and they make a LOT of training pants). The tight fit enhance your curves and allow freedom of movement all while keeping you comfortable during cold winter workouts.A definite recommendation, if you’re willing to stomach the price tag.


Best Insulated Compression Tights


CWX Insulator Endurance Pro Tights, $135

If you’re looking to ski, snowboard, run or partake in any other outdoor activity, these pants are right for you. Equipped with warmstretch temperature-regulation fabric which  maintains a constant comfortable temperature in a variety of conditions. While simultaneously offering muscle support to ensure that you perform well and wake up without torturous soreness and feeling fresher.


Best Overall Compression Tights


2XU Elite Thermal Compression Tights, $130

2XU specializes in compression and these tights mean business. They are tailored to give your body optimal support during your run. 2XU Compression Tights utilize PWX FLEX fabric to wrap and support the major muscle groups allowing them to fire more efficiently, while promoting increased circulation to reduce fatigue and increase power. Perfect for training, competing and recovery in most weather conditions.


Best Designed Tights

Women's Janji Altitude Running Tights, $70


These amazing moisture wicking tights are ideal for long runs, they are lightweight yet still provide enough warmth to withstand the cold weather. Additionally, each pair of tights bought provides a year of clean water to a person in need. Ok, now we’re done with the self-promotion.


As much as we all need an excuse to not workout “it’s too cold” will not be one of them this season.

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