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9 Best Hats for Running in Cold Weather for 2018

By Mary Grant

1/21/18 5:58 PM

It’s negative something degrees outside. Your body doesn’t want to step out the door. But you put on your running shoes, you put on your gloves, and you put on your best winter running hat. And you take the plunge. The rest of your body might be shivering, but your head and ears are toasty from your winter running headwear, making the rest of the run pleasant and, importantly, no frost bite!

Here at Janji, we love gear. That’s why we test hundreds of pieces of clothing every year. This winter, we tried out dozens of cold weather running hats. As a result, we came up with a list: the best winter running hats for 2018. Good luck and stay warm!


Best Basic

 tough beanie.jpg

Tough Headwear Running Beanie, $16

This great value—and bestselling—beanie is a lightweight, unisized and unisex that works great for running. It’s made of an 89% polyester/11% spandex blend, which has an easy stretch even if it’s at the expense of a very heavy hat. The hat wicks moisture away easily and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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New Balance Unisex Fleece Beanie, $25 

At Janji, we love the New Balance basics: they’re inexpensive, durable, and constructed of the solid quality you would expect from New Balance. This beanie embodies the best of New Balance. It has a brush soft interior, is made of a fantastic moisture wicking fabric, and even comes with a reflective New Balance logo. But it’s because of the value to quality ratio that makes it one of the best winter running hats on the market.

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turtle fur.jpg

Turtle Fur Midweight Beanie, $13 

Need a cheap winter running hat? We found the perfect one for you. It’s not particularly heavy; we wouldn’t recommend wearing this below 0 degrees; and there’s no particular reflectivity to speak of. But the Turtle Fur Midweight Beanie is a great value, comes in multiple colorways, and is quite soft to the touch. Just don’t, unlike its sister neck gaiter, wear this on the coldest of runs.

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Trailheads Ponytail Performance Running Beanie, $26

Our first (and only) gender specific hat on this list, the TrailHeads Ponytail Performance Running Beanie is like the aforementioned basic beanies, but with a sweet ponytail in the back to keep you sporty through those cold miles. The beanie has two slot openings at two different levels, depending on if you want a low or high ponytail. The piece also has a reflective hit on the front to keep you safe during those early morning/post-work runs.

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Best Designed


Janji Nepal Beanie, $28

Ok, we’re obviously biased putting our beanie up here. But we really are proud of it, and it took multiple of years of trying great hats for running in cold weather to construct this piece. This beanie is made of 100% acrylic, has a stylish slouchy look, comes in 3 colorways (red, yellow, gray) and has the Janji glogo front and center. Best part about the piece? 10% goes back toward funding a clean water project in Nepal, the place where the beanie draws its aesthetic inspiration.

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ciele beanie.jpg

Ciele TRL Beanie, $50

If you’re willing to spend a tad bit more money, you’re going to be thrilled with this Ciele winter hat, one of the best designed running hats for cold weather ever made. With a nod to cross country ski styling, the TRL Beanie is made with Italian merino and merino mixed yarns and was manufactured in Montreal, Canada (where it gets a little bit cold!). The cap will keep you warm and keep you stylish. And, because of the styling of the hat, it’s the best reflective winter running beanie on this list.

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Best Material

ua beanie.jpg

Under Armour Storm Cold Gear Infrared Elements 2.0, $30

The Baltimore-based Under Armour got its start producing weather for extreme cold and extreme heat. The Storm ColdGear beanie is one of the best winter running hats because it takes the best of Under Armour fabrics and uses it for running in chilly weather. The hat as a DWR finish to repel water/snow; ColdGear technology has a thermo-conductive inner to absorb and retain body heat; and the beanie has a brushed interior so it’s soft on the skull (whether you have hair or don’t). Overall, this is among the finest running hats for cold weather, and you won’t regret putting this on your head as you brave the outdoors!

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SmartWool Ultra Light, $25

Smartwool is famous for taking something that should be itchy and heavy—Merino Wool—and turning it into some of the soft and most breathable fabrics on the planet. They've done it from the neck on down to the feet. The Ultra Light Beanie from SmartWool fits within this branded framework. Incredibly light, yet shockingly warm, this beanie is made of a knitted 56% Merino Wool, 44% Polyester. It’s also a perfect hat for workouts when the head sweats and a thick, non-moisture wicking hat just won’t do. Definitely recommended for people who feel they have to double layer or who want the fastest drying, beat running beanie on the market.

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