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9 Best Men's Running Pants for 2016-2017

By David Spandorfer

10/28/16 8:28 AM

The winter can be long and it can be soul crushing hard. But with the right pair of cold weather running pants, getting out the door becomes much easier. Last year, we compiled our list of best pants for running, so we've decided for an update with the latest and greatest as the temperature drops. Similar to past blogs, we've divided this list of best running pants for men into three segments: the best of the basics, the best of design, and the best for the features.

Best Basics


Mens Nike Pants for Winter.jpg

Nike Men's Dri-Fit Stretch Woven Pants, $70

While you shouldn't wear these pants in the coldest of weather, Nike's Dri-Fit Stretch Woven bottoms are a great basic that can you going. With a relaxed fit, fast drying fabric (86% polyester/14% spandex) and plenty of zipper options, these are a pair that you can take out on a brisk day--and wear in the gym on the icy winter day.

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Under Armour Men's UA ColdGear Infrared Run Pants, $75

Like the Nike Stretch Woven Pants, UA's ColdGear Infrared Run Pants have an easy, relaxed fit. Unlike the Nike Pants, these polyester/elastane pants are great for the colder weather. With a fleece interior that keeps the legs warm, these pants can be run in anything from 50 to 20 degrees. They also have a 4 way stretch and side panels that allow for some breathabilty.

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Adidas Running Pants.jpg

Adidas Performance Men's Sequencials Track Pants, $50

By far the least expensive pair of pants on this list, Adidas' Sequencials Pants o92 price point doesn't necessarily mean it's an inferior pair of running pants. Like the Nike paints, these pants are sub-optimal for sub-freezing temperatures . However, if you want the basics--plenty of mobility, a pocket, and a nice fit--these bottoms will do you just right.

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Best Designs


 Pearl Izumi Run Men's Flash Print, $90

Get these pants while you can. Like we've mentioned in past blog posts, Pearl Izumi is making its final running line this year--after that it's shutting down. But what a running line they made! These relaxed fitting pants are comfortable, have a slick design thanks to its uniquely placed reflectivity stripes, and allow for great mobility in the winter weather. A great choice, especially if you want a black pair of pants that are still different.

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 Janji Men's Altitude Track Pants, $65

With a unique shade of navy blue and a trimming inspired by Kenyan artist, these Altitude Pants certainly have a different look. Designed to fit trim and to be worn for temperatures between 50° and 10°, the Altitude Pants are versatile and practical. And best of all? It gives a year of clean water to someone in need. Ok, now we're done shamelessly promoting our awesome running pants.

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Outdoor Voices Mens Running Pants.jpg

 Outdoor Voices Men's Two-Tone Runningman Sweat, $100

From a technical standpoint, there's nothing inherently special about Outdoor Voice's Runningman Sweats. But stylistically, if you're trying to make a statement you found the right pair of jogger pants. These pants come in two bold colorways, have a soft feel, and have plenty of mobility when wearing. Not a great men's winter running pants, but a wonderful option if you want to kick it around on some late fall/early spring days.

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Best Features


Salomon S-Lab Hybrid Pants.jpg

 Salomon Men's S-Lab Hybrid Pant, $220

When the temperature drops below zero, no amount of money can buy happiness for legs, right? $220 is no bargain for running pants, but Salomon certainly has crafted a fantastic pair of pants for the freezing cold. The S-Lab Hybrid has a waterproof membrane on the front, wind protection on the back, and plenty of stretch so these winter monsters don't feel bulky. And to ensure you don't feel bulky in your bottoms, there is laser-cut micro holes for ventilation and a flexible waistband.

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Noth Face Running Pants.jpg

North Face Men's Isotherm Pant, $140

From the outside, there seems like there's nothing special behind The North Face's running pants. But don't let that fool you. With an incredibly comfortable waistband, an exterior that is windproof and water-resistent, and full 360° visibility. These pants might not be able to handle the brute cold like the S-Lab Hybrid, but they certainly are one of the best running pants for men on the market.

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Gore Men's Running Pants.jpg

 GORE Men's Fusion WS AS Pants , $150

GORE is known for making some of the toughest, weatherpoof gear on the market. The Fusion WS AS Pants are no different. It has GORE's pattened WINDSTOPPER fabric technology, which means a stellar, windbproof and water resistant shell for snowy or sleety days. It also has a few zip pockets and reflective branding so you can stay visible when the days get short and the nights get long.

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