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9 Best Running Gloves for Men and Women for 2019

By Joe N

11/1/17 12:06 AM

For a cold run, nothing is more important than warm pair of gloves for running. As the weather cools, it’s the hands that freeze first. That’s why it’s so important to find the best runners glove: it can make or break a run—and even be the difference in getting you out the door. In the past, Janji has researched and reviewed many a glove for cold weather. This blog post represents the latest and greatest in running gloves—from the lighter variety to the very best gloves for cold weather running.

Updated: January 9, 2019

Below is a list of the 9 best running gloves for men and best running gloves for women.


Best Run Gloves for Cool Weather

(temperatures 50 degrees to 20 degrees)


Running Gloves

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5) Asics Thermal Liner Gloves, $14

By far the cheapest pair of gloves on the list, the Asics Thermal Liner Gloves is a bargain. This is pair is world’s better than the gloves from Target that can be thrown away as the temperature heats up. Instead, Asics’ moderately priced gloves provide warmth without insulation, has touch-screen tips on the thumb and index to access your cellphone, and a palm-side grip to grab whatever you need—a Gu, a water bottle, whatever. Too many gloves are slippery and bulky, be it for hydration or tying shoelaces. Not these. And at only $14, the Thermal Liner Glove is tough to pass up.



Nike Dri Fit
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4) Nike Dri-Fit Tempo 2.0 Gloves, $20

Looking for a good glove that's solid, if unspectacular? Then check out the Nike Dri-Fit Tempo 2.0 Gloves. These are the ol’ reliables of hand wear: they’re light while providing plenty of warmth; they have touch-screen compatibility; and are made of a super-fast drying 98% polyester/1% spandex/1% polyurethane blend. They’re simple black gloves with a swoosh on it, which is perfect for cold days in which you need nothing flashy on your fingers.


Pearl Lizumi
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3) Pearl Izumi Ride Shine Wind Mitt, $35

Startling the divide between two types of hand wear, the Pearl Izumi Ride Shield Wind Mitt combines the flexibility of the glove with the warmth of the mitten. This pair, while not particularly heavy, has a storable wind mitt as the temperature drops or the wind picks up mid-run. It also has reflective banding, conductive synthetic leather for touch screen capability, and Pearl Izumi’s P.R.O Thermal Lite fabric for optimal warmth.


NIke Vapor Flash
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2) Nike Vapor Flash 2.0, $30

A holdover from Janji’s earlier list, the Vapor Flash 2.0 is an incredibly reliable glove as the temperature cools. It’s not the thickest glove on the list (see below) but certainly is one of the best Nike running gloves. The Vapor Flash 2.0 has reflective detailing for visibility during those darker nights, Nike’s Shield fabric for wind and water repellency, and a silicone thumb so you can access your phone. The pair is also aesthetically pleasing—these ain’t your grandfather’s gloves—and the Vapor Flash 2.0 will be sure to make you feel slick, even as you're running headfirst into the bitter wind.


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1) SmartWool Liner Gloves, $21

These SmartWool gloves are deceptively simple: beside the knitted feel and the all-black design, these gloves are made with some of the finest fabric in the world: Merino wool. Far from being itchy and susceptible to overheating, the SmartWool Liner Gloves are extremely comfortable and wonderful with heat management. The wool has a way of keep your hands insulated and warm, while wicking moisture away, meaning you can wear these gloves alone or (as the temperatures hover below 15 degrees Fahrenheit), you can wear them underneath silicone lined fingertips, making accessing your iPhone easy. It's certainly one of the cooler weather best gloves for running. 


Best Cold Weather Running Gloves

(Temperatures 20 degrees and below)


Mazella Windstopper Gloves
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4) Mazella Windstopper Gloves, $35

Mazella has uniquely specialized for decades in producing some of the best gloves on the planet. The Windstopper Glove is one of their finest ever running pieces. Made of 100% Nylon and built with a shell of Gore Windstopper protection, these are one of the warmest gloves given its lightweight feel. Take them in the blizzard, and your hands will barely feel the gusts of the wind and the dampness of the snow. Like many on the list, the Mazella Windstopper Gloves are touch screen compatible and have reflectivity across the body of the glove.



Craft Siberian
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3) Craft Siberian Glove, $60

The aptly named Craft Siberian truly can take you to the coldest regions on earth. Craft is a Swedish brand that has distinguished itself as one of the top companies in cold weather activewear. These gloves, in particular, are one of the best cold weather and best waterproof running gloves on earth. The gloves are fleece lined, wind resistant, and have a waterproof exterior. They also have plenty of hits of reflectivity as you get through those chilly, dark runs. The gloves even have a Velcro adjuster for fit, so you don’t have to worry about the gloves slipping off mid-run. A fantastic option for the runner looking for total warmth and is ok with some bulk in their glove.


Sugoi RS
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2) Sugoi RS Zero Glove, $38

A heavy duty glove at a reasonable price, Sugoi has developed one heck of a cold weather glove. This pair, like most new age gloves, is touch screen compatible. It has an insulated lining for warmth and a water-resistant/wind-resistant back for protection in the elements. Like the aforementioned Craft Siberian Glove, the Sugoi RS Glove also has a Velcro adjuster to create the perfect fit. The glove is made with a 100% polyester back, an 80% polyester/20% polyurethane palm, and a lot of love from the Vancouver-based brand.



Craft Coooold Glove! Winner!

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1) Craft Shield Glove, $75

You ready for a warm running glove? We got one helluva an option for you. The Craft Shield Glove is everything you could ever desire in the coldest possible temperatures. Let’s go over why: 1) the glove is windproof and waterproof proof, which together make it one of the best blizzard-proof gloves for runners; 2) the gloves have a buttery soft, fleece-lined interior that make your hands feel like they’re sitting next to a hearth during a snow storm; 3) the Shield Glove has some of the best silicone fingers for great grip and easy touch screen access; 4) the Velcro along the wrist ensures total comfort and security (and prevents the snow from getting inside); 5) the glove has plenty of reflectivity to make you visible during the darkest night runs. These gloves are a must if you plan to run in awful conditions this winter and want your hands to survive. In short, it’s the best winter running gloves on the planet.


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