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9 Best Running Pants for Women 2017-2018

By Mary Grant

10/1/17 1:00 PM

 Running pants: the perfect combination of tights and sweatpants. Also known as track pants or joggers, these bottoms are for when you want to be active, but not revealing; flexible, but not baggy. We love our track pants at Janji, which is why we’ve spent the past few months testing out the finest running pants for women. Like the best women’s running tights and best men’s running pants, we wanted to find the best running leggings for women. Below are the eight best women running pants.


Best Women’s Running Pants for Design

 Women's Oiselle Roga Running Embossed Pants.jpg

  1. Women’s Oiselle Running Embossed Roga Pants, MSRP $84

The founder of Oiselle started her company because she wanted to find a running brand that had a flattering fit and made her feel fast. Today, Oiselle has made flattering and fast pieces from running shorts to running underwear. The Women’s Running Embossed Roga Pants fit Oiselle's brand ideals precisely. Fast, flattering, and wickedly comfortable, you can wear these pants around town or on a winter run.


OV Running Sweats.jpeg

  1.  Women’s Outdoor Voices Running Sweats, MSRP $95

If running pants are the blend of sweatpants and tights, Outdoor Voices’s Running Women Sweats is the beau ideal. Made by a company that specializes in recreational outdoor apparel, these tights are incredibly comfortable. Not as moisture wicking as Oiselle’s Roga Pants, these pants are like wearing a soft puppy on your legs: they're cute, they're soft, and they're playful. Since the Running Sweats aren't not too heavy, these are certainly one of the top women’s running pants for summer.

 Janji Women's Running Pants.jpg

  1. Women’s Janji Kenya Zig Track Pants, MSRP $60

These track pants are the perfect pair for your running activity or your lounging activity. On one hand, this piece takes its design cues from Kenya, giving you that extra Kenyan inspiration for the last  bit of your run. On the other hand, this piece is incredibly comfortable, making you want to put the leisure back in athleisure. But best of all the Zig Track Pants gives 10% of the sale back to clean water causes


Best Women’s Running Pant with a Simple Design

chicago, the white city.jpeg

  1. Nike Women’s Jersey Pants, MSRP $59

These won’t be the best pair of pants on the list (nor is it the best women’s tights from Nike), but the Jersey Pants from Nike are a fantastic value. Coming in an array of colors, these pair of pants are fine to run in and feel snug around the house. Made of a cotton blend (which does wick moisture away surprisingly well), the Nike Jersey Pants fit well, feel great, and even have a side pockets for some storage. Take these while walking around town or during your next workout/run.

 Asics Thermopolis .jpg

  1. Women’s Asics Thermopolis Pants, MSRP $75 

Like many Asics apparel, these pants are basic, but exceedingly well made. Thanks to a brushed interior, the Thermpolis pants are warm--yet we would hardly label these the best women’s running pants for winter.  It has a cute, colorful wide waistband that fits comfortably against almost any waist. It’s trim without being loose, stylish without being showy. However, since there’s nothing about it that’s distinguishable, we’ve labeled it as one of our favorite basic running pants—not best designed.


New Balance.jpg

  1. Women’s New Balance Accelerate Reflective Fleece Jogger, MSRP $60

New Balance has often graced this blog as a basic option that performs well and fits well, even if it lacks the pizzazz of other styles in the category. The Reflective Fleece Jogger from New Balance is no different. This is certainly one of the best joggers for women, as it fits well throughout the body without being tight, has reflective details, and feels warm—you can wear this around the house on a cold winter day or take it out for a run on a brisk fall one. Coming in black and navy blue, we think it’s the best navy blue running pants on the list.


Best Women’s Running Pant for Cold Weather 

Women's Sugoi.jpeg 

  1. Women’s Sugoi Jackie Thermal Pants, MSRP $110

Ready for the cold? With the Sugoi Women’s Jackie Thermal Pants, you’ll have no problem braving through the winter weather, be it on a walk with a dog or cross country skiing across the tundra. The Jackie pants are tough: windproof and water resistant on the outside and front; cold weather fabric on the back for full warmth; and heavy duty fabric all over to make sure your legs stay toasty in the toughest of temperatures.

 North Face Pants.jpeg

  1. Women’s North Face Brave the Cold Pants, MSRP $99

The name says it all: these track pants will help you get through the winter with a fabric guaranteed to keep you warm. The pants are made with a thick, yet breathable exterior fabric. Its fleece interior is coupled with a wide waistband that fits and flatters, meaning this is a pair of pants you might not ever want to take off. And best of all, this pair of pants is guaranteed for life: if any defect occurs, the North Face will just replace it for you.

 Salomon Pants.jpg

  1. Women’s Salomon Escape Pants, MSRP $119

Salomon originated as a trail and skiing company in the French Alps. Its headquarters is nestled in a region famous for both frigid conditions as well as artisanal excellence. The Escape Pants is perfectly born out of that heritage. Warm yet supremely crafted, the Escape Pants might be the most expensive pair of pants on the list—but it’s also the best women’s running pants for winter. The Escape Pants is made with 40G insulation for incredible interior warming, has hand warmer pockets, and is made with fabric that keeps you insulated. Best of all, these pants are super versatile: you can wear this around the house on a cold day, but also while skiing, running, or shoveling snow off the car. These black track pants are some of the best leggings in the world.



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