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9 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet for 2019 for Men and Women (updated)

By Joe N

6/21/17 8:50 PM

After reviewing a survey of over 4,000 runners, we’ve determined the very best shoes for people with flat feet. With this guide, you can determine the best brand of running shoes for flat feet, eliminate foot pain, and prevent running injuries. Imagine yourself in a brand-new pair of flat feet shoes, running with confidence and a healthy stride! 

Updated: June 1, 2019

5 Best Running Shoes for Women with Flat Feet


mens brooks glycerin 16-1

5. Women's Brooks Glycerin 16, MSRP $150 (links to Amazon)

Possibly the best running shoes with arch support for flat feet, the Brooks Glycerin features super-soft adaptable cushioning. Its plush transition zones help the shoe adjust to your foot as your weight shifts from heel to toe. The Brooks Glycerin’s upper features 3D FitPrint tech that adjusts to your stride as you move. It even includes maximum ventilation Air Mesh and IDEAL impact-dispersal pressure zones.

This shoe has a medium to high arch for flat-footed runners who prefer this additional support.

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Women's Saucony Guide ISO

4. Women's Saucony Guide ISO, MSRP $120 (links to Amazon)

The Guide 10 certainly belongs with the best running shoes for flat feet. Women’s flat-foot running shoes need a combination of structure and flexibility – and the Guide 10 performs admirably in both departments. Its mesh upper was designed for light, dynamic movement and its improved midfoot support structure provides optimal foot hold.

The Guide 10 features EVERUN energy-returning topsoles and TRI-FLEX ground-gripping outsoles, making it one of the best running shoes for running flat feet. 

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Gender Differences in Running Shoes 

In general, men have wider feet than women (as compared to foot length). They also have more muscle mass than women, creating a 15% greater (on average) impact with each step. For these reasons, women’s running shoes tend to be narrower than men’s – and slightly less cushioned.



Brooks Ravenna 9 

3. Women's Brooks Ravenna 9, MSRP $110 (links to Amazon)

The Ravenna 8’s secure midfoot makes it one of the best women’s running shoes for flat feet. Its adjustable saddle keeps the foot stable by pulling securely from the heel – preventing the overpronation typical of flat-footed runners. This shoe even features a special “roll bar” that exerts diagonal pressure to guide the foot into a healthy stride, which helps make it one of the best womens running shoes for flat feet. 

With a BioMogo DNA cushioned midsole and a blown rubber forefoot, the Ravenna 8 adjusts to each step – and provides a springy toe-off boost.

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Why Women Need the Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

One group has the greatest need for flat-foot running shoes – women. Flat feet/overpronation is often associated with female runners because women (typically) have wider Q angles than men. Their quadriceps muscles meet the knee at a greater angle than men, causing them to put more weight on the insides of their feet.



Women's Asics GT-2000 7

2. Women's Asics GT-2000 7, MSRP $120 (links to Amazon)

This shoe offers female long-distance runners the right blend of support and cushioning, specifically designed for their gender. The GT-2000 7’s midsole has a soft upper layer that creates the midsole compression female runners need. Designed for optimal cushioning and bounce-back, this shoe’s FluidRide system boasts exceptional lightness and durability

With separate rear and forefoot gel impact-reduction systems, the GT-2000 6 provides the midfoot structure overpronators need – without sacrificing gait efficiency.  

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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 W

1. Women's Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19, MSRP $120 (links to Amazon)

The number one rated shoe for women with flat feet. This shoe includes many of the features that make the Ravenna an excellent shoe for overpronators. Its diagonal-guidance roll bar keeps feet on the right path and its Biomogo DNA midsole cushions and adapts.

Unlike the Ravenna 9’s blunt toe cap, the Adrenaline 19 features a tapered toe and no-sew overlays. The Adrenaline 19 has a full-length crash-pad, instead of the Ravenna 9’s heel-focused cushioning – making it an exceptional foot-structure shoe for people with flat feet.

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4 Best Running Shoes for Men with Flat Feet 


Hoka One One Clifton 5

4. Men's Hoka One One Clifton 5, MSRP $130 (links to Amazon)

Hoka offers some of the best running shoes for flat feet. Men often choose the Clifton 5, which is also a top choice to prevent shin splints and IT Band issues, for its extremely light cushioning and smooth, gliding ride. This shoe features a flexible forefoot and seamless construction to provide even more comfort than previous Clifton models. Like its predecessors, however, the Clifton 5 offers the same high-tech midsole structural geometry that made this shoe a bestseller. 

The Clifton 5  provides a 10-degree beveled heel for the guided heel-toe transitions and stability men with flat feet need.

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So, What Exactly Do We Mean by “Flat Feet”?

Medically speaking, people with flat feet overpronate, or put too much weight on the balls of their feet. Remember, the best shoes for other sports may not be the best shoes for running. Flat feet can feel quite painful after putting in long miles in regular running shoes. 

 nike lunarglide 9.jpg

3. Men's Nike LunarGlide 9, MSRP $120 (links to Amazon)

One of the best Nike running shoes for flat feet, the Nike LunarGlide 9 provides lightweight support and soft cushioning for long-distance runs. Its namesake Lunarlon midsoles feature laser-cut vents that collapse intelligently under pressure to create a fluid-smooth stride.

Nike’s Flywire system adapts to your foot for a stable fit. The LunarGlide 9 even boasts molded, responsive cushioning pods to guide overpronators’ strides--all of which makes this one of the best mens running shoes for flat feet. 

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Swapping Gender

When it comes to running shoes, one size (and one gender) doesn’t fit all. The best running shoes for women with flat feet can fit men with narrow feet very well. Conversely, women with wide feet may find their best running shoe for flat feet is a men’s style.


Asics Gel-Kayano

2. Men's Asics Gel-Kayano 25, MSRP $160 (links to Amazon)

Any list of the best running shoes for flat feet would be incomplete without the Gel-Kayano 25. Made to reduce the inward roll (pronation) of flat-footed runners, this shoe gives your arch, inner ball (of your foot), and big/2nd toes a well-earned break. 

The Gel-Kayano’s front and rear gel systems allow for the various parts of the foot to each move in their own plane, guiding you through healthy steps – every time.

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What are Weak/Fallen Arches? 

If you have so-called weak (or fallen) arches, you need the best running shoes for flat feet, not just this week’s most popular brand. This condition, typically associated with flat feet and overpronation, can lead to overuse injuries – without exactly the right footwear. Spend extra time at your local running store and get an in-person feel for the shoes that suit your unique physiology.



1. Men's Brooks Ravenna 9, MSRP $120 (links to Amazon)

The Men’s Ravenna 9 deserves its place among the best men’s running shoes for flat feet for its smooth heel-to-toe transitions and springy toe-offs. It features an X-style rubber midfoot patch to smooth out heel/toe weight transitions. The Ravenna 9 features a more breathable mesh upper than earlier models; it provides the support overpronators need while still delivering a cool and comfortable ride. 

The Ravenna 9 even includes a lace-locking adjustable strap for added foot stability.

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The Bottom Line

Remember, this list is just a guide – a first step in the shopping process. Every runner should frequent their local running store and get to know these products first-hand. Talk with your shoe specialist about your flat feet – and get the support you deserve! 


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