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9 Best Women's Running Tights 2017-2018

By Mary Grant

10/4/17 7:24 PM

Running tights: one of the most essential items in any woman’s wardrobe. It’s easy to find one,  impossible to find the right one. Some are so thick that a fall run becomes a below the waist sauna. Some are so thin that leaning down can get you cited for public indecency. That’s why we at Janji have worked for over five years to find the best running tights for women: so you can get running, no matter the conditions, and not worry about heat waves or potential arrests.

Below, Janji dissects the best women's running tights by design, simplicity, and for cold weather. We hope it’ll help you pick out your next pair of great running leggings.


Best Running Tights- Design

Nike Power Speed Tights.jpg

3. Women’s Nike Power Speed Tights, $115 

These tights, with the intense track lanes sported on the exterior, aren’t for everyone. Some will simply see it as too flashy. Yet we see these tights as sporting a design that’s not over complicated by wild patterns (too much the rage these days). Instead, the sheik design derives from meaningful compression benefits: the track-like lines are placed to help deliver muscle recovery during and after a run. These tights come in a multitude of colors from black to aqua and look great on the track and around town.

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 Women's Running tights Lulu.jpeg

2. Women’s Lululemon Run On Tight, $118

Lululemon virtually founded women’s athletic leggings as a category, and they’ve been making some of the best running leggings for women since the company's inception. Today, the Vancouver-based Lululemon has made some beautifully designed tights and the Run On is no exception. Coming in multiple, gorgeous colorways, the Run On Tights feels soft, stretch well, and have an interior drawcord that keeps the waist snug. Just remember: Lulu runs a little small, so you might want to order up if you’re between sizes.

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 janji_kathmandu_1066 (1).jpg

1. Women’s Janji Bianca Deviation Tights, $84

It took many years, but the Bianca Deviation Tights Tights is Janji’s best designed women’s bottom ever. The tights pull their inspiration from the Kathmandu area in Nepal. The Bianca Deviation Tights have contrasting color blocking and a well-fitting—and absolutely gorgeous—waistband that’s unlike any waistband ever made. But it’s the mission behind the tights that really separate Janji: 10% of the sale from the piece goes back toward supporting clean water projects in Nepal. So look great and support a meaningful cause.

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Best Running Tights for Women: Basic

 Lesley Tights.jpg

3. Women’s OIselle Lesley Tights, $82

Oiselle has been making some of the best women’s running tights for over a decade (and some of the best running pants!). TheLesley Tights, a long time carry over silhouette, is their finest pair. The tights are deceivingly simple: it comes in a few basic colors, has exterior flat-lined seeming, and a flat waistband for flattering comfort. The Lesley Tights are also warmer than spandex, have a zip pocket, and look fabulous on. Best of all, if you want to support a small company with a big mission of empowering women, you should check out the Lesley tights

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Asics Tights.jpg

2. Women’s Asics PR II Tights, $60 

The most inexpensive tights on the list, the PR II tights are a fantastic early tight to have in your wardrobe. Unlike some cheaper brands, these tights are made with substantial material and won’t fall apart after first wear. However, there really isn’t anything fancy about the PR II Tights. Made of a poly-spandex blend, these leggings have a wide waistband, a reflective logo, and flatlock seaming. But it has no zippered pocket, no fun detailing, and isn’t particular warm. That being said, if you want the best inexpensive running tights on the market, this is probably it.

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Nike Essent.jpeg

1. Women’s Nike Power Essential Running Tights, $65

The Essential Running Tights from Nike are the essential tights in your closet: extremely versatile, deceptively basic, and perfectly comfortable. Nike’s simple pair of leggings come in a variety of colors, but all have a flat and flattering waistband, are made with quick drying Dri-Fit fabric, and have a pocket in the back to fit an iPhone. While it's a tad more expensive than the Asics PR II Tight, if you’re willing to splurge on a great basic tight for your wardrobe, these are the best Nike running tights on the market (for the price).  

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 Best Women’s Running Tights for Cold Weather


Women's Craft Brilliant.jpg

3. Women’s Craft Brilliant 2.0 Thermal Tights, $99

Craft is best known as a Scandinavian brand that creates some of the best cold weather Nordic Skiing and cycling gear on the planet. For fall 2017-winter 2018, no company has made consistently better winter running tights. The Craft Brilliant 2.0 Thermal Tights is summed up by the praise in its name. These brilliant tights can keep the legs warm as the temperature plummets. They’re also highly visible with the reflective pieces on the side and has zippered pockets for phone storage. You'd be hard pressed to find a pair of leggings that will perform better during the chilly and dark early mornings. 

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 North Face Winter Warm.jpg

2. Women’s North Face Winter Warm, $85

These cold weather running tights from the cold weather outfitter are versatile, ventilated, and very warm.  The North Face’s simiple design for the tights ensure you can wear the Winter Warm on the trails or around town, and the Flashdry material ensure the tights stay breathable as you run. But it’s the thicker fabric coupled with the extreme mobility that make these one of the best running leggings for the winter.

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craft #1.jpg

1) Women’s Craft Cover Wind Tights, $125 

Windy? Blizzard? The Women’s Cover Wind Tights by Craft are the exact pair that you’ll need to get you off the couch and out running. We’ve never tried on a pair of tights that is so incredibly protective in the most relentless conditions and feels great to run in. Too often cold weather running tights can feel like pants designed for Canadian ice fisherman. These cute Craft tights are the opposite: they’re windproof, waterproof, and incredibly well ventilated. With a cozy brushed interior fabric and big pockets to store your iPhone, you might even want to wear these around the home! We can’t recommend these tights enough for those frigid winter days.

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