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6 Best Men's Running Windbreakers for 2019

By Omri Cohen

7/8/16 12:23 PM

Having an outer layer for running can be incredibly useful, whether it’s for running in the cold wind, pouring rain, or freezing snow. With these windbreakers you can protect yourself from ominous weather and stay comfortable during your runs. In the search for the best windbreaker, we found 6 great options. Below are the best running windbreakers for men.

Light and Durable: Nike Impossibly Light Men’s Running Jacket $89.97

This is a very light running windbreaker which features a slick Nike design.

Nike brings you its lightest running jacket ever, weighing a mere 3 ounces. The Nike Impossibly Light Men’s Running Jacket is not only light, but offers the coverage and resistance you need for running in the rain and wind. The durable water-repellant finish makes this jacket wind and water resistant, helping you through a wet run. It’s also very easy to pack up and carry with you.

Super Stylish: Janji Men’s Viento Windbreaker $96.00

This is one of the best windbreakers because of its design and capacity to fight the water and wind.

Give two year’s of clean water to someone in Guatemala, fight the wind, wick away the water, and look stylish at the same time. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. This windbreaker stands out with its unique design inspired by ancient Mayan scripture and designed by a Guatemalan artist, while also giving you the reliability, light weight, and water resistance of any good windbreaker. Battle the rain and wind, transcend the style of your typical windbreaker, and fight the global water crisis with this piece from Janji.

The Unbreakable: Mizuno Men’s Breath Thermo Jacket $55.00

If you are running in tough weather conditions we highly reccomend this windbreaker!

This will be your go to windbreaker for some tougher weather conditions, protecting you from wind, rain, and even snow. Use the very light, soft shell jacket in autumn weather, but also for colder weather once the late fall and winter comes around. The Mizuno Men’s Breath Thermo Jacket is great for trail running and soggy weather, not to mention it’s only 60g (less than 2.5 ounces).

Tough and Trustworthy: Saucony Men’s EXO Jacket $84.00

A great running windbreaker because of its protection from the elements.

Designed for temperatures 50F and below, the bright, wind and waterproof Saucony Men’s EXO Jacket is a running jacket designed to help you tackle any weather condition. Stay dry, warm, and comfortable in this windbreaker. You also won’t have any problems being noticed when running in the dark!

Ideal for Wind: New Balance Lite Packable Jacket $59.99

A less-heavy duty option than some of the other options on the list, but still a good choice.

The New Balance Lite Packable Jacket is water resistant, wind resistant, and breathable. It’s great for a warm-up in the sun, or a run in the rain, but it’s not the most heavy-duty option for tougher weather conditions. With a variety of colors offered, you can pick whichever design matches your outfit (we like the Silver Mink with Impulse).

Brooks Men’s Lightweight Shelter Device Running Jacket $95.00

The Brooks Men's Ligthweight Shelter Device Running Jacket is best for lighter weather with lots of wind.

Great against wind, good against water, but not the kind of running jacket you want when the weather gets too wild. It’s windproof, water-resistant, and Brooks’ lightest running jacket. If you’re looking for superior wind protection this is a great option, but for more intense weather, you might want to consider the Mizuno or Saucony jackets.

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