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Janji Pop-Up Store Round Two: Boston Marathon

By Dave Spandorfer

3/18/16 10:37 AM

Janji Jamestown Newbury St 144 Dartmouth Copley

Janji pop-up, round two!

We’ve officially opened up a Janji pop-up store at 144 Newbury, the same 3,000 square foot store we called home from late November to early January. The new store’s launch coincides perfectly with the Boston Marathon, when 40,000 runners from around the world make the pilgrimage to Boston for The People’s Olympics. From March 25th until May 7th, the Janji store will host group runs, workout classes, speaker series, and (of course) parties.

We learned a ton from the last pop-up, and this spring we’ve expanded on what worked well. Workout classes were a huge hit. So, for the spring, we’ve partnered with MoveWith to run five classes a week out of the store. Run groups were a hit in December, so from from late March to early May, we’re hosting two run groups a week and welcoming many of Boston’s biggest (and best!) running groups to the spring pop-up.

The holiday store’s layout was fun, inviting, and showed off the gear. We’ve barely alerted that feel, besides adding more areas to browse, adding grass boxes, updating the water pump, and putting up a very fun spring print. And, in perhaps our biggest addition, we brought in our awesome new store manager, Eugene Kim, from San Diego (you can join him every day for a workout at 2pm). 

Janji 144 Newbury St Store

The spring Janji store is centered around the Boston Marathon. In addition to marathon-themed signage around the store, we’ll host the following from the Janji pop-up during Boston Marathon weekend (April 16th-April 18th):

  • Two group runs with running coach Greg McMillan: 9:30 am, Saturday and Sunday
  • Book signing and tattoo parlor with Born to Run author, Christopher McDougall: 3 pm, Saturday
    • Sign up for the book signing and tattoo parlor here.
  • Boston Marathon poster making party: 6 pm Sunday
    • Sign up for the poster making party here.
  • Post-race Party: 6pm Monday
    • Sign up for the post-race party here.

Of course, the store won’t just be about the marathon. Throughout the life of the store, we’ll host more unique events, such as a trash pick-up run and a midnight group run that will take runners across Boston late at night.

For more information about events, parties and runs from the store, keep visiting and our Facebook page. All of the info will live there.

Last holiday season’s store was an incredible opportunity for us to highlight Janji gear and explain Janji’s story. From the design to the events, the spring store should one-up the holiday pop-up store in every imaginable way. We can’t wait to have you stop by!

Run for Another,

Mike and Dave (and Eugene and Sam)

Janji 144 Newbury Street Store Celebration


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