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Meet the Janji Corps Members

By Dave Spandorfer

10/23/14 3:45 PM


Around July, after months of requests and after a few false starts, we finally decided to start an ambassador program. We decided to call the ambassador program Janji Corps, after two of our favorite programs built around giving back: Peace Corps and AmeriCorps. From the onset of launching Janji Corps, we’ve sought to build a community tied not just around Janji gear or running clothes, but around using running as tool for giving back. The application process was thorough and, after receiving over 100 applicants, we settled on 15 Janji Corps Members. Here they are:

Name: Colton Connelly
Day Job: HIV Testing Counselor/Outreach Worker 
Where I live: San Antonio, TX 
Where I'm from: Comfort, TX 
How many days a week I run: 6
What I'm training for: Some fast 5ks! 
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I am looking forward to being a part of something bigger than myself and being a Janji Corps Ambassador in my community. 
Favorite season: Winter
Something interesting about me: I have been struck by lightening! I also recently returned from the Peace Corps in Fiji.
Social Media: Twitter: @coltonbythesea

John_Ferguson_BostonName: John Ferguson
Day Job: Data Analyst for an online marketing insights firm
Where I live: Sudbury, MA
Where I'm from: Sunnyvale, CA
How many days a week I run: Run commute 5 days/week. Fun runs on the weekend. (6-7 days/week total)
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I'm so excited to be able to give back just by running. I love the idea that something so simple and natural can have such a significant impact on lives of people around the world. If we were meant to run, why not run for another?
Favorite book I just read: Catching up on the Game of Thrones books (currently on Clash of Kings)
Favorite season: Winter
Something interesting about me: I grew up in California and love being outdoors so growing up we would always go on day trips to Yosemite, Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe, and Napa Valley, etc. Now that I moved to Boston, I have so many new places to explore! Also, I went to the same high school as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, which was pretty cool. 
Social Media: Twitter: @capnjferg; Instagram: @capnjferg (just got started using it), Find me on NikeRunning app:

Name: Michael James
Day Job: Web entrepreneur
Where I live: Winston Salem, North CarolinaMichael_James
Where I'm from: Charlotte, North Carolina
How many days a week I run: 5-6
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: There was a time when I used my legs and gained a full scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There was a time I used my legs to train to be an elite middle distance runner. Being a Janji Corps Ambassador allows me to use my gift of running to help provide access to clean water to those in need. It is also great to be a part of this growing community.
Favorite book I just read: The Promise of a Pencil- Adam Braun
Favorite season: Fall
Something interesting about me: I am the father of two young ladies ages 13 and 16. For the last four years I’ve been writing letters to them in journals filled with fatherly advice they will need when they get older. Right now they don’t know I am writing the letters, but years from now they will have years and years of them to peruse and cherish.
Social Media: | Facebook | My Blog | Twitter 
Contributor: ATRA | Endurance Zone 
Name: Jessica Kuepfer*Jessica_Kuepfer
Day Job: Public Relations at Home Hardware
Where I live: Ontario, Canada
How many days a week I run: 5-6
What I'm training for: Transrockies 120 miler, Ironman 70.3 (both in 2015. Currently healing up a stress fracture from too much running fun!!)
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: This company has such an incredible heartbeat. I am so passionate about running and this is a great way to use running for good.
Favorite book I just read: Mind Gym by Gary Mark
Favorite season: Summer!
Something interesting about me:  Other than running and working in marketing communications, I am a blogger and writer at and a columnist for Canadian Running and the National Post.
Social Media: Instagram: @lacesandlattes Twitter: @lacesandlattes

Katie_LienhardName: Katie Lienhard
Day Job: College student with a nutrition major (At home I work at a farm-to-table restaurant, a holistic heath center, and a track camp where I coach 2nd graders!).
Where I live: Amherst, MA
Where I'm from: Groton, MA
How many days a week I run: 5-6
What I'm training for: Run10Feed10 10K in Boston
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I've never been a part of a give back group like this, and I'm really excited to see what's in store!
Favorite book I just read: For the past few weeks all I've been reading is my textbooks!
Favorite season: Fall
Something interesting about me:  Besides running I love to cook (especially for other people), do yoga, and write.
Social Media: Twitter & Instagram: @ktlienhard

Name: Lora MaysLora_Mays
Day Job: Product Marketing Manager at Accruent (tech company)
Where I live: Austin, TX
Where I'm from: Lola, WI
How many days a week I run: 5
What I'm training for: NYC Marathon (followed by Dallas Marathon, Houston Marathon, Austin Marathon and hopefully Boston Marathon!) - I kinda like marathons?! :)
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I LOVE the company mission and can't wait to spread the word about such an awesome company!
Favorite book I just read: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Favorite season: Fall!
Something interesting about me: My husband and I have moved across the country three times with our two cats, most recently relocating to Austin, TX from Brooklyn, NY. I absolutely love to travel, eat BBQ, cheese and avocado (not necessarily together), crochet and explore our city.


Kate_McElroyName: Kate McElroy* 
Day Job: Account exec at a healthcare advertising agency 
Where I live: Albany, NY
How many days a week I run: 6 (maybe 5 this training cycle)
What I'm training for: I'm running the Philly marathon in November and Rehoboth Beach marathon in December. 
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I love that we get the opportunity to do something we love while giving back - by way of such a vital resource - to other parts of the world. It gives a whole new level of meaning to lacing up and getting out there (and encouraging others to do the same!) 
Favorite book I just read: Into Thin Air
Favorite season: Fall in the Northeast is pretty great...
Something interesting about me: I've got serious wanderlust and I'm slowly knocking off marathons in the 50 states (finishing off New England this fall!) 
Social Media Twitter: @Rowdy406, Blog: Rowdy Running

Name: Andrew McKenzieAndrew_McKenzie_Australia
Day Job: YMCA
Where I live: Melbourne, Australia
Where I'm from: Melbourne, Australia
How many days a week I run: 4-5
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador:  I fell in love with Janji a couple of years ago after seeing a small article in Runner’s World magazine and have followed them closely since. So being part of this crew – even all the way down under in Australia - is awesome.
Favorite book I just read: Any one of the ten currently sitting on my bedside table!
Favorite season: Summer
Something interesting about me:  I hold the Guinness World Record for running a marathon dressed as Mr Potato Head!  
Social Media: Twitter @amacymca, Blog: Running Helps


Pardon_Ndhlovu.2Name: Pardon Ndhlovu

Day Job: Graduate Student at Georgia Regents University (MBA) Where I live: Augusta, GA

Where I'm from: Harare, Zimbabwe

How many days a week I run: 7

What I'm training for: RIO 2016 Olympic Games. l will be representing Zimbabwe in the marathon

Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I have always wanted to run for a cause and when this opportunity presented itself, I didn't have to think twice about it. This is where my passion for running and giving back met destiny. Janji is a great company with strong values. If you are not running for another, what are you running for?

Favorite season: Summer

Something interesting about me: I have a twin brother that used to run faster than me. People can't tell the difference between us.

Social Media: Twitter: @niceparrd, Instagram @niceparrd

Name: Megan OutlyMegan_Outly_Janji
Day Job: Contract Administrator at International Music Network
Where I live: Sudbury, MA
How many days a week I run: 5 
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I'm excited to meet and collaborate with others who share the same love for running that I do, and I'm very excited that I've been given the chance to represent a company whose ideals really resonate with me.
Favorite book I just read: A Game of Thrones
Favorite season: Fall
Something interesting about me: I have a degree in Music Management and recently got to work on the set of a movie that was filming in Boston!
Social Media: Twitter: @megsout; Instagram: @megsout;


Name: Anthony Perrotti  Anthony_Perrotti
Day Job: EMT and gear expert at REI
Where I live: Middletown, CT
Where I'm from: Middletown, CT
How many days a week I run: 6-7
What I'm training for: Leadville 100
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I am a huge believer in the importance of healthy doses of type II fun (the kind of fun that you would only call fun after it was over). I love that Janji enhances these activities by fostering community and charity through the apparel as well!
Favorite book I just read: A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
Favorite season: Spring!
Something interesting about me: I have my degree in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and absolutely love working with students using the outdoors as a classroom. I plan on teaching combat survival in the military
Social Media: Instagram: @Anthony.Perrotti

Bryanna_Petrie_Photo_(2)Name: Bryanna Petrie
Day Job: Blogger, soon to be mom, Masters Student in Human Nutrition (graduating in November) and Nanny
Where I live: Spokane, WA
Where I'm from: Raynesford, MT
How many days a week I run: 6 (typically, but currently I am pregnant so it's 5-6 now)
What I'm training for: Not really "training" for anything since I am 34 weeks prego, but my husband and have a 10k in October
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I can't wait to represent a company that shares my passion for running, while helping others. Being able to represent a company that truly lives out run for another is amazing. It's going to be fun to be a part of a community that loves running just as much as I do, while also running for others.
Favorite book I just read: I have been reading lots of books for my Nutrition courses, but I read "A Place of at the Table" Peter Pringle just for fun and loved it (it's about the hunger crisis in our nation). Currently reading "What to Eat?" by Marion Nestle and enjoying it.
Favorite season: Summer and Fall!! I honestly can't decide... Fall running is amazing
Something interesting about me: I am married to Marc Petrie, who is also a Janji ambassador, and we are expecting our first surprise child (a little girl) in October. 
Social Media:
Twitter: @wholesomelybryl Instagram: @wholesomelybry, Blog: Wholesomely Fit; Pinterest: 

Marc_PetrieName: Marc Petrie
Day Job: I am the store manager at a local sports shop in Spokane called the Sports Outlet.
Where I live: Spokane, WA
Where I'm from: Spokane, WA
How many days a week I run: 6
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I am so excited to be a part of the team!! I can't wait to share about Janji products, but more excited to share with people what Janji stands for!!
Favorite book I just read: The Dude's Guide To Manhood by Darrin Patrick
Favorite season: Fall
Something interesting about me: I am a huge fan of art!! I love to draw/paint/build basically anything that I can create I love!! I love to be able to use art to show people what's in my head and how I see the world!!
Social Media: Twitter: @On_Your_Marcs, Instagram: marc_petrie, Pinterest-


Name: Scott Pettit

Day Job: Structural Engineer


Where I live: St. Louis, MO

Where I'm from: Sheridan, WY

How many days a week I run: 2-4 (+swim +bike)

What I'm training for: Cyclocross season (cycling) and misc. 5ks/10ks, Go! St Louis Half in the spring

Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I am thrilled to be included on such a wonderful team and to be able to help spread the Janji mission and motto to everyone that I can!

Favorite season: Track.

Something interesting about me: I was a pole vaulter in college (teammates with Dave and Mike) and have since transitioned to endurance sports, focusing my efforts mostly within the multi-sport disciplines with occasional running-only races mixed in.

Social Media:

Twitter: @scottmpettit

Instagram: @scottp62


Name: Gilly Rosen*Gillian_Rosen
Day Job: Petroleum Geologist/Geophysicist
Where I live: Houston, TX
Where I'm from: New York!
How many days a week I run: 3-4, plus CrossFit for strength and yoga for mobility
What I'm training for: NYC Marathon
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador:  I think it’s an excellent way to bring awareness to the issue.  Water inequities disproportionately affect girls’ educations, and as a woman in the sciences I think anything we can do to keep girls in school is a good thing.
Favorite book I just read: Eat the Yolks, and currently enjoying Learning to Breathe Fire
Favorite season: it used to be summer, then I moved to the south.  Now I think TX winters are pretty awesome.
Something interesting about me:  I’m really into data… I love my Garmin, I track food, race stats, etc.  I married an artist, which balances me out a bit. I like food (a lot)... and instagram... and food on instagram.  And I use ellipses way too much...
Social Media: @gillypearl on Instagram, Twitter & Garmin connect.
Scott_Shine_SilvertonName: Scott Shine
Day Job: City Planner at CIty of Durango, Colorado

Where I live: Durango, CO 
Where I'm from: Milwaukee, Wisconsin area
How many days a week I run: 5-6
What I'm training for: Taking a break to let the body recover after a busy mountain/ultra-running season including my first big mountain 50-miler. Registered for the Boston Marathon!
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I'm excited to be a part of a company that produces high-quality gear and uses the platform of running to educate and inspire people to positively impact the world.
Favorite book I just read: Running the Rift by Naomi Benaron (powerful historical fiction about the genocide in Rwanda, which led me to buy my first piece of Janji gear...the Rwanda sun shirt.!) 
Favorite season: Spring
Something interesting about me: I studied water resource planning in graduate school and became passionate about finding solutions to the global water crisis. I competed in Ironman Wisconsin 2006, raised money for Water for People and won the Ford 'Everyday Hero' award for those efforts. Then, after grad school, my wife and I did a 5,000 mile self-supported bike tour on a tandem bike to raise funds for Thirst Relief International (we called it '5,000 For Thirst').
Social media: Strava:, Instagram: @slshine82
Name: Lauren WolfLauren_Wolf

Where I live: Cincinnati, OH
Where I'm from: Cincinnati, OH
How many days a week I run: 4-5
What I'm training for: Currently recovering from my very first 50k, but I have the Ragnar Relay in Tennessee coming up as well as the Kiawah Island Marathon
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I love running and I have all my personal reasons as to why I do it, but I'm really glad that I can "run for another." Helping to raise awareness is really what I'm most excited for. I love what Janji does and if all runners knew about it.... wow! Imagine the impact of that. It's motivating....
Favorite book I just read: Hmm... I think this is a sign I need to pick up a book. All of those college textbooks wore me out. 
Favorite season: I love them all. Seriously, I just can't decide. 
Something interesting about me: I graduated with a Dietetics degree in April and am currently trying to be placed to a dietetic internship so that I can become a Registered Dietitian. I'm working towards starting my own business. I travel quite often because I have a huge crush on the mountains and the coast. 
Social Media:  Instagram:  @laurenalysa
Laurie Zack*Laurie_Zack
Day Job: Math Professor at High Point University  (Evening/Weekend job-mom of two young kids)
Where I live: Jamestown, NC (just outside Greensboro)
Where I'm from: All over but I typically say San Diego, CA
How many days a week I run: 5-6
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I love running for something bigger than me. Running is an outlet for me, a time to think, process, let frustrations out, ect. The earth is so big yet we are all just one small piece in the moving puzzle, and through running if we can help make just a small difference then it is worth it.   
Favorite book I just read: The Language of Flowers
Favorite season: Fall!
Something interesting about me: I was a collegiate swimmer for the University of Arkansas and am a die hard Razorback fan (and SEC football fan). I have always loved math, occasionally do some triathlons (currently contemplating signing up for an Ironman in fall 2015), and I absolutely LOVE ice cream and all things sweet.
Social Media @lzack (Instagram), @lzackhpu (Twitter)

Name: Deb ZieglerDebra_Ziegler
Day Job: Cancer registrar
Where I live: Grand Rapids, MI and monthly work stays in Chicago
Where I'm from: Grand Rapids, MI
How many days a week I run: 5-6
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I love that our group will show others how individuals can use their passion for running to make a real, personal connection with and impact on global water issues. That and getting to know an amazing group of people.
Favorite book I just read: Re-reading Running the Rift, a novel that combines my interests in running and Rwanda.
Favorite season: winter 😏
Something interesting about me: I am a Scandinaviaphile (a word I may have invented). It started when I was assigned Norway as my grade school country report topic and has gone so far as studying the language as an adult. Hyggelig å møte deg, alle sammen!
Social Media: Twitter @debrabacon, Instagram dbaconziegler, Pinterest dbaconziegler
*Janji Corps Ambassador Founder

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