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The Walk for Water: The Crawl to a Better Life

By Omri Cohen

6/15/16 3:04 PM

Do you ever think how much time you save doing something as simple as turning on a sink? We know it’s in our house, we know it’s readily available, and we know it will take just a few seconds to go get it. While getting clean water is simple for most of the developed world, it poses a large issue for millions of people, especially women and children.

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Two Causes to One: Janji's Switch to Clean Water

By Dave Spandorfer

7/23/14 1:24 PM

Why We Started Janji

In May 2010, we spent ten hours sitting together on a bus ride from St. Louis to Cleveland, en route to race the 10k at the Division III Track and Field Championships. Near record-high May temperatures were projected for our 10k, so we drank water incessantly in preparation for the 25-lap race.  It was the first time racing at the NCAA Track and Field Championship meet for both of us; we refused to let dehydration hold us back.

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Janji Running Apparel and Nepal's Annapurna 100 Miler

By Dave Spandorfer

5/8/14 9:32 PM

by Greg Watson

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Janji's Top 10 Moments of 2013

By Dave Spandorfer

12/31/13 10:46 AM


Janji’s Top 10 Moments of 2013


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New Technologies May Provide Solutions to the Water Crisis

By Eric Prileson

4/10/13 10:19 AM

A while back, we wrote about new innovations in tackling the water crisis – mostly small gadgets that are finding a niche in the absence of proper irrigation and sanitation infrastructure. There may, however, be a new technology in the works that will be not only be ultra-efficient in accessing clean water, but also will be replicable in many industries.

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