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A Brief History of Running and Hydration

By Dave Spandorfer

7/14/14 9:29 AM

Janji is dedicated to providing clean water in countries around the world, making water a constantly talked about topic throughout the workday. In addition to our company's mission, water is also important at Janji because we are all avid runners. Hydration is a key element of Janji’s history; Founders Mike and Dave ran the 10k on an incredibly hot day at the 2010 NCAA Division III Track Championships. As the day wore on, they realized just how quintessential their access to water was. They had plenty of water to hydrate before the race, water stops every 200 meters during the race, and a hose showering down on them as they ran. But millions of people around the world lack even the most basic access to clean water – and Janji was born. Proper hydration becomes especially important in the summer months – often raising the question - how much water should I drink? The answer to this question has varied greatly over time.

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