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Run for Another in India

By Dave Spandorfer

4/15/15 11:42 AM

Throughout its history, India has been a country of empires, exchanges of power, peaceful revolutions, and today, it remains a country of vast potential. With a quickly growing economy, tens of millions of people rise out of poverty through new and evolving modes of social mobility.And yet, even as the country flourishes, hundreds of millions remain deeply impoverished. According to Water.org, over 350 million people in India live below the poverty line. For a sense of perspective, consider the fact that only a total of 320 million people live in the entire United States. Over 800 million people in India lack access to proper sanitation, both in rural areas and in urban slums. India is facing a major water crisis as its water resources and water infrastructure bear the weight of 1.2 billion people squeezed into a land one-third the size of the U.S.More can and should be done to help those in India who need it most.
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