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Janji Top 10 Moments of 2015

By Dave Spandorfer

12/30/15 10:35 AM


Now three years old, 2015 has been our most exciting year yet, from more sales, to better products, to new stores, to giving back more than ever. Here are our top 10 moments of the year:

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An Interview With Mike Popejoy, Janji Elite Half Marathon Winner

By Vanessa Quintero

2/19/15 12:06 PM

Mike Popejoy is a Janji Elite Corps member who recently won the Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Half Marathon with an incredble time of 1:05:18. When Popejoy isn't running, he's working in completing his PhD in Philosophy. Popejoy took the time to answer some questions about the marathon, his life, Janji, and some of his personal philosophies.
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An Interview with Pardon Ndhlovu, Janji Corps Olympic Hopeful

By Dave Spandorfer

12/30/14 10:06 AM

In 2015, Pardon Ndhlovu hopes to qualify for the 2016 Olympic trials, improving on his already stellar running career. Coming off of his Orlando Half Marathon win in December, Pardon will run the Houston Marathon in January, looking to get under 2:18 for the first time in his young career. At UNC Pembroke, where he graduated from in 2013, he ran a 3:53 1500, 14:10 5k, and 29:04 10k, but his dreams are focused on qualifying for the marathon, representing his home country of Zimbabwe.

Pardon is a member of Janji Corps Elite and is dedicated to using running as a way to change the world.

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Meet the Janji Corps Members

By Dave Spandorfer

10/23/14 3:45 PM


Around July, after months of requests and after a few false starts, we finally decided to start an ambassador program. We decided to call the ambassador program Janji Corps, after two of our favorite programs built around giving back: Peace Corps and AmeriCorps. From the onset of launching Janji Corps, we’ve sought to build a community tied not just around Janji gear or running clothes, but around using running as tool for giving back. The application process was thorough and, after receiving over 100 applicants, we settled on 15 Janji Corps Members. Here they are:

Name: Colton Connelly
Day Job: HIV Testing Counselor/Outreach Worker 
Where I live: San Antonio, TX 
Where I'm from: Comfort, TX 
How many days a week I run: 6
What I'm training for: Some fast 5ks! 
Why I'm excited to be a Janji Corps Ambassador: I am looking forward to being a part of something bigger than myself and being a Janji Corps Ambassador in my community. 
Favorite season: Winter
Something interesting about me: I have been struck by lightening! I also recently returned from the Peace Corps in Fiji.
Social Media: Twitter: @coltonbythesea

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