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The Walk for Water: The Crawl to a Better Life

By Omri Cohen

6/15/16 3:04 PM

Do you ever think how much time you save doing something as simple as turning on a sink? We know it’s in our house, we know it’s readily available, and we know it will take just a few seconds to go get it. While getting clean water is simple for most of the developed world, it poses a large issue for millions of people, especially women and children.

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Who we help: Kenya

By Tanya Moronge

10/20/15 10:05 AM

Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. With abundant wildlife, beautiful beaches, and lovely people.

 However, similar to many developing countries a large portion of their population , forty two percent, live below the poverty line. Many without access to healthcare, clean water, sanitation and electricity.  Kenya has faced numerous difficulties delivering water to its citizens due to various causes such as corruption, lack of infrastructure and severe droughts, just to name a few. Rapid urbanization has also sent many people to the slums. It is estimated that 17.3 million people lack access to safe water in Kenya alone and 663 million people worldwide.

Through its partnership with water.org, every Kenya item of clothing you buy, Janji is able to provide a year of clean water to someone in need. Currently water.org is implementing a WaterCredit intiative in Kenya by partering up with 4 microfinance institutions to provide financing for shallow wells, water connection and water harvesting tanks to people in rural kenya. Water.org sites that “Water, sanitation and hygiene related illnesses and conditions are the number one cause of hospitalization in children under age five.” As of July 2014, 115,000 people had been given access to sustainable clean water and sanitation solutions.

As globalization continues to grow and countries become more interdependent, Janji realizes that it is up to us to make a difference and ensure that  basic necessities are provided to world citizens.

Purchasing a Janji piece allows you to see the difference you are making and monitor the progress made in each country, while simultaneously providing you with stylish running gear. 

Check out the following links to learn more about water.org’s initiative, Janji’s initiative and how YOU can help.

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Two Causes to One: Janji's Switch to Clean Water

By Dave Spandorfer

7/23/14 1:24 PM

Why We Started Janji

In May 2010, we spent ten hours sitting together on a bus ride from St. Louis to Cleveland, en route to race the 10k at the Division III Track and Field Championships. Near record-high May temperatures were projected for our 10k, so we drank water incessantly in preparation for the 25-lap race.  It was the first time racing at the NCAA Track and Field Championship meet for both of us; we refused to let dehydration hold us back.

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