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7 Best Running Shoes for Bunions for 2019

By Mary Grant

1/17/17 8:06 PM

For runners, bunions can be a nightmare. It's challenging to find a good running shoe for bunions, meaning that even shorter runs can cause chafing... or worse. Luckily, there are shoes—for neutral and pronating runners—that are sensitive to your bunion needs. Like previous blogs, Janji digs in to find the best running shoes for runners who have bunions. Working off data from over 11,000 runners (courtesy of Shoekicker), we’ve narrowed down the very best running sneakers for bunion runners! Here are the 7 best:


*updated June 1, 2019

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Fall: The Best Running Season

By Isabelle Unger

8/3/16 3:42 PM

Although we may not want to admit it, fall is right around the corner. But if you’re anything like me, you’re sad to see summer go but not at all sad to see fall make its way into our lives. For me, fall is the ideal season for running – it means crisp air, perfect temperatures and beautiful foliage. However it also means later sunrises and earlier sunsets – not ideal for runners whose days are spent at a desk. I sometimes find myself going stir crazy sitting inside on a beautiful fall day. Knowing that I would rather be outside enjoying a run, hike or even a nice walk, can sometimes lower my usually positive spirit. Fortunately, there are many ways to stop this mindset from taking over. Here are some ways I keep myself sane in the office during gorgeous days.

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9 Best Women's Winter Running Jackets of 2016-2017

By Liz Rosenthal

11/23/15 1:31 PM

 With cold winter weather approaching, we figured we’d give you a list of our favorite winter jackets for 2016. Every year as we finalize design for our latest line, we sample hundreds of pieces from other companies. There are many great brands out there making great gear, and we figured we’d narrow down our favorite 9 winter running outerwear tops for keep you warm.

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8 Best Women's Running Tights for 2016-2017

By Tanya Moronge

11/23/15 12:38 PM

 Long gone are the days of running outside in short shorts while soaking up the sun. As winter rapidly approaches, many of us are plagued with the common dilemma of how to still run and exercise without freezing especially during brutal Boston winters. Janji has compiled a list of our favorite running tights ensured to keep you warm during your cold season runs.

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50 Best Marathons by State

By Courtney Grace

3/20/15 3:56 PM

After checking out some of the coolest local races, we decided to go bigger. We found the most interesting races in each state and decided on each of these. Add 'em all to your bucket list, it's time for a cross-country road trip with the best races in America!

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