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9 Best Running Socks 2017-2018

By Dave Spandorfer

10/30/17 9:16 AM

Every year, we write an article detailing the best running socks. Answering the question of what are the best socks for running is critical: beyond your shoes, no element of your wardrobe can so dramatically affect the outcome of a race or a run. A bad pair of socks can cause blisters, IT band issues, or just make your feet extremely uncomfortable. This year, we have some new entrants to the list of the top rated running socks, including socks that are great for trail running and overall cushion.

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8 Best Men's Running Long Sleeve Shirts

By Omri Cohen

10/11/17 8:30 PM

When fall arrives, it’s time to put away the singlets and the short sleeves, dig at the bottom of the closet, and find your best long sleeve running shirt. You remember that one, right? The first of the long sleeve tops to come out of the drier, the best men’s running base layer you wore when the weather got chilly and going shirt (or shirtless) was no longer an option. Just as the leaves always turn, new running gear has come up for the fall, which means we at Janji got a chance to look at the best long sleeve running top--and to find you your next favorite running top.

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9 Best Women's Running Tights 2017-2018

By Mary Grant

10/4/17 7:24 PM

Running tights: one of the most essential items in any woman’s wardrobe. It’s easy to find one,  impossible to find the right one. Some are so thick that a fall run becomes a below the waist sauna. Some are so thin that leaning down can get you cited for public indecency. That’s why we at Janji have worked for over five years to find the best running tights for women: so you can get running, no matter the conditions, and not worry about heat waves or potential arrests.

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7 Best Reflective Running Vests

By Mary Grant

6/15/17 7:58 PM

Running at the very beginning or very end of the day can be a meditative experience. But while the early morning run or late night jog can seem great, the lack of light puts you in a position of vulnerability. That’s why it’s so important to find the right reflectivity when the sun is down. We at Janji make gear for your Nomadic Run, and we realize it’s sometimes important to just throw on your best reflective running vests when it’s dark outside.

That’s why we at Janji came up with a list of the best runners reflective vests on the market so you can get enjoy your run—without worrying about your safety.

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9 Best Running Headbands for 2017

By Katelyn Pilley

1/16/17 9:32 AM

A proper run, whether in the winter or the summer, often requires a proper running headband. To ensure your hair doesn’t move around or to ensure your ear stays warms, you need to find the right headband for running. That’s why Janji, like last year, came up with a list of the 9 best women's running headbands. Whether running just a few miles or a full marathon, these headbands for women will get you thinking about the next mile--and not whether your headband is about to fall off.

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