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12 Best Women’s Running Shorts of 2017

By Mary Grant

5/18/17 6:32 AM

As the weather warms, having the right pair of shorts can make all the difference for a run. A cute pair can get you out the door; a comfortable pair will keep you running long after your legs tells you to stop. Because a great bottom can keep you going, we at Janji, like last year, came up with the list of the best running shorts for women in 2017. From the simple to the bold to the expensive compression, we came up with the best women’s running shorts so you can get running, mile after mile.

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11 Most Durable Running Shoes 2017

By Mary Grant

2/15/17 3:17 PM

A durable running shoe can give you an amazing run for hundreds and hundreds of miles. These aren’t the flimsy $19.99 shoes found at Wal-Mart that fall apart immediately and almost always gift you shin splints.  This is heavy duty Ford F-150 durable; this is chest-with-questionable-origins-that-gets-passed-down-from-generation-to-generation durable. An extremely durable running shoe is one that is rugged and can take the miles. Recently, one company surveyed over 4,000 runners to find which were the best running shoes on the planet. Included in the questionnaire to men and women was the durability of their shoe. Collating that data, we at Janji created a list that ranks the finest durable and sturdy running shoes. The below list includes the most durable pronation, most durable neutral, and most durable trail running shoes.

Below are the 11 most durable running shoes for men and women


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9 Best Running Shoes for IT Band Syndrome for 2017

By Mary Grant

2/7/17 10:30 AM

IT Band Syndrome, medically known as Iliotibial Band Syndrome, is an injury that has long plagued runners. Affecting the ligament that runs down the side of the thigh, IT Band Syndrome—or IBS—can sideline a runner from weeks (mild) to years (severe). It’s often caused by overuse and often solved with a sturdy mix of the right physical therapy, the right training plan, and buying the right shoes. Every runner’s foot is different and every runner should try on shoes at a store or on a site like Zappos before making a committment to a shoe that could solve IT band problems. But, as Shoekicker’s data from over 4,000 runners shows, runners prefer certain shoes for IT Band Syndrome. So what are the best running shoes for ITBS? Below is the top men’s and women’s shoes for neutral and pronating runners.

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7 Best Foam Rollers for Runners for 2017

By Omri Cohen

1/21/17 6:34 PM

No runner’s arsenal of tools is complete without a foam roller. These magical, circular devices roll out stiff parts of the body that no normal stretch—or stick—can get to. As more runners realize the power of a good foam rollers, dozens of companies have sprouted up to offer a menagerie of rollers, some superb, other of dubious usefulness. Precisely because the quality foam rollers can run the gambit, Janji decided to test out a few dozen of them to answer: what are the best foam rollers for runners?

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9 Best Running Headbands for 2017

By Katelyn Pilley

1/16/17 9:32 AM

A proper run, whether in the winter or the summer, often requires a proper running headband. To ensure your hair doesn’t move around or to ensure your ear stays warms, you need to find the right headband for running. That’s why Janji, like last year, came up with a list of the 9 best women's running headbands. Whether running just a few miles or a full marathon, these headbands for women will get you thinking about the next mile--and not whether your headband is about to fall off.

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