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9 Best Men's Split Running Shorts (or Running Short Shorts!)

By David Spandorfer

10/27/16 12:54 PM

It happened my freshman year in college, and it happened suddenly. Entering college, I was stridently anti-split shorts (a catch all term for running shorts that are short and have a cut down the middle). But when I arrived on campus, I saw my teammates on my school's cross country team exclusively sports shorts that showed off a dangerous amount of thigh. The pressure for group conformity that envelopes most college freshmen came swift; by the end of the season, every running short I owned was a split short.

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Top 10 Best Things about Spring Running (in 3 words)

By Dave Spandorfer

3/16/14 4:24 PM


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The 6 Best Men's Running Shorts

By Luke Maher

8/30/13 12:08 PM


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