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9 Best Women's Running Tights for 2016-2017

By Tanya Moronge

11/20/16 4:11 PM

With winter fast approaching, every runners needs a pair of great running tights. But from baggy bottoms to see through tights, it can be challenging to find the right pair. That's why we at Janji searched through the best running leggings for women. Like last year's blog and our men's tights blog, we search through the very best ladies running tights.

From powerful compression to wild designs, here are the best women's running tights on the market.

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11 Best Men's Running Tights for 2016-2017

By David Spandorfer

10/31/16 10:17 AM

Not every male runner is ready to wear a pair of men's running tights. But when he finds the right one— and is ready to make the leap into skin tight bottoms—it’s hard to go back to the days of baggy jogger pants. Of course, it’s hard to find the best men’s tights: it requires a lot of trying on, a lot of testing, and a lot of sifting through men's running tights reviews. 

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