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8 Best Women's Running Tights for 2016-2017

By Tanya Moronge

11/23/15 12:38 PM

 Long gone are the days of running outside in short shorts while soaking up the sun. As winter rapidly approaches, many of us are plagued with the common dilemma of how to still run and exercise without freezing especially during brutal Boston winters. Janji has compiled a list of our favorite running tights ensured to keep you warm during your cold season runs.

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6 Ways to Spice up Your Training

By Leslie Davis

3/17/15 10:03 AM

The snow is beginning to melt, the sun is peeking out from behind the mass of grey that has been the sky since November. The change of the season naturally (no pun intended) brings a fresh spin to many people's training regimens, but despite how wonderful spring weather can be, your training itself can still feel stagnant. When that happens, it becomes much harder to get out the door. That's why the Janji team has put together the best ways to spice up your training! Here are the top ways you can keep your training plan fresh and fun:a

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