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Spring 2015 Gear Review

By Vanessa Quintero

4/1/15 2:08 PM

Retire the sweaters - Spring is here! With that being said, many of us need to pick up a few things before we hit the trails in this heat. While we obviously recommend Janji products for all your apparel needs, there are a few essential spring gear items you won't be able to get from us (yet, at least!). As for those, Janji's got you covered with a gear review of the best of the best Spring running gear. 
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Refresh Your Race Day: Best Spring 5K Races in MA

By Vanessa Quintero

2/11/15 4:26 PM

While the snow this season is getting to be a bit excessive, it hasn’t stopped the dedicated runners of the northeast. We scoped out some of the coolest 10-20 milers, speciality races, and 5k races in MA and beyond for the next couple of months to motivate you to get on out there. 
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Top 10 Best Marathon Advice (in 5 words)

By Leslie Davis

4/9/14 11:54 AM


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Top 10 Best Things about Spring Running (in 3 words)

By Dave Spandorfer

3/16/14 4:24 PM


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