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Refresh Your Race Day: Best Spring 5K Races in MA

By Vanessa Quintero

2/11/15 4:26 PM

While the snow this season is getting to be a bit excessive, it hasn’t stopped the dedicated runners of the northeast. We scoped out some of the coolest 10-20 milers, speciality races, and 5k races in MA and beyond for the next couple of months to motivate you to get on out there. 
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6 Gifts for Your Loved Ones Who Love to Run

By Leslie Davis

2/5/14 12:00 PM

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we all know what February 14th means (other than the return of House of Cards, of course): frantic gift searches, expensive dinners, and and the constant reminders of the need to appease our significant others (or the constant reminders that we don't have one). But! For all of you out there who love someone who loves to run, here are your TOP VALENTINES FOR YOUR VALENTINE ON THE GO!

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7 Must Haves for Winter Running

By Dave Spandorfer

2/1/14 11:12 AM


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The 8 Best Men's Running Pants

By Dave Spandorfer

1/10/14 2:26 PM

Finding the perfect cold weather running pants for winter is essential but tricky. Some pants are too long, some too short; some barely keep you warm, while others make your legs feel like they're in an oven. We created this list to help you find that perfect pair of pants for your cold-weather running. Although this list is by no means complete, it’s a guide to what we believe are the best winter running pants and running tights on the market.


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